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4pm’s 4 Top Tips to help make your online business a success.

1.Show The Advantages Of Your Products

A list of your product categories or a table can assist the navigation of your online store.Special deals and new arrivals are also good to coax the common web surfers to buy.


2. Make Your Website Visitors Trust You

People watch what they spend on; so it’s only natural to expect that they want to know everything there is to know about what you are offering. So, make sure that you have linked the appropriate pages from your home page relating to warranties and delivery . Such foresight will save much of your support team’s time, and reduce the number of customer’s pre-sale help requests.

3.Deals Freebies & Shipping

Potential customers usually decide in the first few seconds if they are going to purchase anything from a website, nothing attracts better and faster than deals and special offers. Millions of people lose their minds during sales and discounted periods, and buy anything at slashed prices just because it’s on sale. Plus they won’t have the drama of queuing and sifting through rails of products. Some are attracted by free shipping, some by massive discounts — but almost everybody is interested in one kind of promo or another. Thus, discounts and special deals are usually the first things that website visitors look for.






4.Latest Product News

When there is news, a sales period or upcoming events that buyers should know about the product, your home page is the best place to house them. Do not make it too hard for buyers to find exclusive deals and hot prices. Populate your live news feed with this data to not only update your customers but also get ranked higher in the search engines via creating new frequent content.

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