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What your dream home would be like 208 views

It is crucial for estate agents to know what people are actually looking for when it comes to choosing the… Read More

Google`s Chromebook Pixel 294 views

Have you checked out Google`s latest Chromebook Pixel, released to the market in February 2013? One thing is for sure:… Read More

Top (Free) Apps to increase your work performance 167 views

  Here at 4pm we have compiled a list of useful apps that will help you be more efficient at work: Nowadays… Read More

Happy Paddys Day! 231 views

The team at 4pm would like to wish you a Happy Paddy’s Day! Enjoy the weekend guys!

Jeans made out of plastic bottles! 211 views

                     Hey Guys it’s #funnyfriday again. Ever wondered what your jeans where made out of? Could you imagine wearing jeans… Read More

Spotify takes the digital world by storm 173 views

  You don`t need to be a digital expert these days to know what Spotify is. Most of you have… Read More

When an arachnophobe`s biggest nightmare comes true! 239 views

It’s raining men…. or wait second, it’s spiders? If you are scared of spiders, seeing a spider in your room… Read More

Kitty`s greatest adventure! 196 views

Hey guys, it`s #Followfriday again. Can`t wait for the weekend to begin? This week`s #FunnyFriday post comes to you all… Read More

How to NOT use your smartphone 150 views

Let’s be honest we all love our smartphones. They make life a lot easier for us, they give us access… Read More

How to be a good landlord 188 views

It can be a fairly daunting task finding new tenants in the current market. Therefore, we at 4pm have provided… Read More

Recognisable House for Sale… a killer price! 214 views

Here is our final #FunnyFriday blog post of the day! It has come to our attention that a stunning 3… Read More

Don’t want to do homework? Hire someone to do it for you! 220 views

Its Funny Friday again which means we have reached the light at the end of the tunnel: The Weekend. This… Read More

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