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Social Media marketing tips for selling/renting Real Estate 38 views

Social Media Marketing tips for selling/renting real estate:           Define your market niche as social media […]

102 & Going Back To College #followfriday 30 views

Some dread the thought of going back to college, but not 102 year old Margaret Dunning. After graduating school in […]

Recruiting and sustaining top talent in a challenging market…………. 29 views

In the current climate its evermore challenging to motivate your team,reduce attrition and headhunt new talent. As a sales person […]

Top 10 eCommerce Tips 33 views

    At 4PM we are all about providing our customers with the means to enable their customers to find […]

Irelands Internet 57 views

Since the first commercial desktop in 1965 the world, including Ireland has come a long way. For entertainment, work, shopping […]

Property Services Regulatory Authority Forms are now available to download 39 views

With the Property Services Regulatory Authority’s statutory framework in full effect we have taken a look at the letters of engagement which […]

Modern Designs 30 views

LED Tap  Light with Temperature Sensor!   This revolutionary idea will allow you to know by colour whether the water […]

Acquaint Crm Demo 37 views

Acquaint Crm – Streamlines all internal operations – Allows you to enter property details only once as it uploads to […]

Arthur Guinness Day ‘Paint The Town Black’ 34 views

Arthur Guinness Day is it money well spent? The debate on Arthur Guinness Day still remains. Initially it was perceived […]

Property Market, Are We Over The Worst? 26 views

It is said the property market is showing signs of life after years of decline. There are some positive signs, […]