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Planning on selling your house? These thirteen tips can help you sell your house in today’s real estate climate 205 views

We’ve all heard about how “bad” the real estate market is. But what’s bad for sellers canbe good for buyers,… Read More

Microsoft investors want Bill Gates to step down as chairperson 193 views

Three of the twenty largest investors in Microsoft are driving for the company’s co-founder and front man, Bill Gates to… Read More

Ireland’s Bailout Targets and Employment Future 144 views

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says Ireland is emerging from its difficulties, with economic activity and employment slowly… Read More

BlackBerry Messenger to be integrated with Samsung Galaxy 207 views

Several TV ads hinting at the combination of BBM with Samsung Galaxy were spotted on the African showing of the… Read More

7 steps to better Social Media Content 208 views

Be Interesting If you’re sharing content that you don’t find interesting the likelihood is that your customer won’t find it… Read More

Windows XP Diagnosed as Non-Compliant 449 views

Microsoft extended support for Windows XP ends on April 8, 2014. After this date, Microsoft will not release any security… Read More

Microsoft to launch Windows 8.1 on 18th October! 449 views

Rumours of Microsoft’s much anticipated release of Windows 8.1 were ended yesterday by the announcement that the new operating system… Read More

Google claims Gmail users have no expectation of privacy 481 views

The recent case of Ed Snowden has raised concerns over how vulnerable electronic communications are to surveillance. Google has made… Read More

Facebook is Learning how to Talk 460 views

Social networking giant Facebook has acquired speech recognition company Mobile Technologies for an undisclosed sum in what looks like a… Read More

Samsung Smartwatch Plans 478 views

The buzz about Samsung’s plans for a smartwatch has intensified with the discovery of trademark and patent filings in the… Read More

Vine Swings to Top of App Store 471 views

4pm’s Latest News on the App Scene No other non-game app was downloaded more than Vine in June, according to… Read More

Dublin house prices increase 7.7% 474 views

Second hand house prices in Dublin have increased by 7.7 per cent since the start of the year, according to… Read More

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