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An Irish technology tycoon 52 views

In today’s blog 4pm would are going to discuss a successful Irish entrepreneur, Dylan Collins, who has influenced many of […]

Facebook Graph Search 52 views

In order to remain popular among social media users, Facebook is constantly coming up with new features and ideas to […]

New Smartphones from Mozilla Firefox 48 views

Android and iOS are the leading players in the market, alongside their smaller players like the Blackberry or Windows phone. […]

A preview of the new Office 2013 39 views

The new Microsoft Office package has some pretty handy new improvements. 4pm has picked the main improvements that we feel will […]

Windows 8.1 76 views

It wasn’t long ago that we spoke about the version 8 of  Windows . The changes Windows 8 made confused […]

New Gmail Inbox 54 views

  These days everyone is using Gmail. It really is quite handy, as a Google account holder you are not […]

New video sharing element on Instagram 50 views

          Kevin Systrom, the co-founder of Instagram, announced during Facebook`s media event last Friday(21/06) that the […]

Microsoft Office now available for iPhone 40 views

There have been lots of rumours and speculations around this topic but Microsoft have finally confirmed that its Office productivity […]

Information tracking gone too far? 46 views

Every one of us shares much more information than we are actually aware of. You may have already noticed that […]