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Version 2.0: Top (free) apps to increase your professional performance 128 views

A month ago we showed you some helpful apps to increase your professional performance. Here are some  additional  useful tools… Read More

Hotels have never been so tasty! 127 views

So it’s that time of the week again #FunnyFriday! Having a sweet tooth is definitely something that we are all… Read More

Acquaint – The best CRM option for you 311 views

Choosing the right CRM system for your business can be quite challenging. So why not choose one which is specifically… Read More

Technology trends which are crucial for Estate Agents 113 views

  In times of crisis, in order to be successful and ahead of your competition, you need to be well… Read More

Benefits of E-Commerce 166 views

  You may think that your business is running perfectly fine as it is and that E-Commerce is something that… Read More

Finding a place for Fluffy 124 views

Thanks god it’s Friday again! To make you laugh on the last day of the week, 4pm have another #funnyfriday story… Read More

Does upgrading to Windows 8 really make sense? 107 views

In today`s blog 4pm would like to try and help you with your decision on whether or not to go… Read More

Giant Easter Egg! 207 views

So as the Easter Weekend is looming. The team at 4pm have been debating what our favourite Easter Eggs are!… Read More

Meeting 788 Facebook friends in person! 97 views

Being Easter Weekend today is our #Funnyfriday, for arguments sake lets call it Funny Thursday. So it’s time to come up with… Read More

How to master your tweets 160 views

4pm would like to give you some helpful hints on how you can improve your business by using Twitter. #… Read More

Russia’s richest woman is to buy up to 5 Irish Hotels 256 views

                  Morison hotel owner Elena Baturina is currently in the process of… Read More

What your dream home would be like 165 views

It is crucial for estate agents to know what people are actually looking for when it comes to choosing the… Read More

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