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A quick demo of the 4Bids module for Design Bricks.

For the last year or so, clients have been asking if we can provide a secure online bidding platform. In response, the Design Bricks team, over the last 6 months, has been developing 4Bids and we are please to announce this will be available exclusively to our customer websites from September.

We’ve also been speaking to current users of the various bidding platforms out there and our Design Bricks add-on will be slightly different:

  1. The bidding will be a function of the agent’s own site, so users won’t be taken to another site with properties from other agents.
  2. We won’t be asking for a cut of your commission, just a reasonable fee to implement and maintain.

Simple and adaptable bidder verification will be included, email notifications, along with other controls to ensure Agents, Vendors and Bidders all have a great experience.

Interested? Let us know and we will keep you updated with our progress!

How it works

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Create a free bidder account

Get verified

Account verification


Onsite bidding

System/CMS Requirements
Don’t know what system/CMS you have?

WordPress 5.2+
PHP 7.0+
Non-property WordPress theme
(some WordPress or ThemeForest themes come equipped with property management features, rendering the plugin invalid, e.g. Javo Theme, WP Property, WP Real Estate, Realty, Residence and more)