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Hotels have never been so tasty!

So it’s that time of the week again #FunnyFriday! Having a sweet tooth is definitely something that we are all guilty of. So you can imagine our excitement when we discovered this…

A group of confectioners in London made our dreams a reality or more likely our inner child’s dream a reality when they decided to transform a London home into a one-day-only hotel event. This fantastic Willy wonka-esque hotel, which was the creation of more than 14artists who spent 2,000 hours baking and 900 hours decorating with more than 600 kilos of sugar sounds impressive but just wait for the most amazing part.   

Now as a guest of a ‘normal’ hotel you are encouraged not to make too much noise, break parts of the room or the most standard unspoken rule, no eating of furniture or books.But quite the opposite at this hotel, guests are invited to eat anything and everything that’s made of cake, and these include flowers, rugs, books, windows and even walls.

Now you might be thinking this would be a bit odd if it was just made for fun as surely your profits would be eaten away? But this hotel was built to promote a new range from Tate & Lyle Sugars. Tate & Lyle Sugars spokesman James Whiteley said: “We think the cake hotel perfectly captures the excitement, inspiration and expertise behind the creation of our new range of golden and brown cane sugars”.

The team at 4pm are devastated that we missed this one-day event! Hopefully there will be more like it. Leave us a comment to let us know whether a night at a hotel like this would tickle your fancy? That’s all from #Funnyfriday, enjoy the weekend guys!


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