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How to blog successfully

Software for Estate AgentsBlogging can increase the traffic on a company’s website and consequently its business. However it can happen quite often that the blog will get more attention from people abroad than in the local area, which can be problematic, especially for local businesses.

4pm has a couple of useful tips to keep your blog local and increase traffic to your website.


A good blogger definitely needs good writing skills. There is the option to hire an external professional writer. However this might lead to a bland blog full of marketing clichés. Maybe you have somebody in your team who has a passion for writing and who is willing to write about the company and related topics!


Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Even if you correct the mistakes your post may go viral prior to these amendments. If more people read the text before making it public, you decrease the chance of unwanted errors.


When creating content consider what questions you get asked the most frequently? Why not answer these questions in a blog post. Concentrate Software for Estate Agentson two or three questions per blog. For example, a plumber might get asked how to avoid frozen pipes. Providing relevant tips will keep your audience engaged.


Try to be honest when writing something. Blogging about some difficulties in the industry and how to overcome these makes you way more authentic.


If there are any major changes in your business sector, inform your customers about it, because that means you are well informed which could affect your business or even your customers.


Provide your readers with a Share button for Facebook, twitter and other social networks. People who like your blog should have the possibility to tell their friends about it, thus increasing traffic!!