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How to master your tweets

4pm would like to give you some helpful hints on how you can improve your business by using Twitter.

# Customize your twitter account
Use the available space to introduce your company and take keywords which are easily identifiable with your company. Choose your background image wisely, but be careful not to make it look too much like an advertisement.

# Use additional tools and services
#Quitter gives you the opportunityto find out which tweets made people unsubscribe from your twitter profile.
We also recommend #SocialOomph which offers special services, for example if you would like to tweet in the evening, you can do this without even being in the office. Impressive eh?
#Manageflitter helps you to organize your twitter activities, here you can get valuable information about inactive users, quiet users and people who have chosen not to follow you back.

# Make use of Twitter search functions
Check out who is mentioning your page by searching for your website or blog URL.
If you search for keywords which interest you, you can find potential followers.

# Followers
Don`t follow too many people because it seems desperate, especially if you don`t yet have many followers yourself! Instead retweet exciting tweets and tweet that have been posted by people with many followers.

# Post tweets which make a difference
Your tweets should be useful, informative or funny. Avoid ordinary boring posts. Don’t forget to include #hashtags with your tweets. Tweet on a regular basis and at times when people are likely to see it (#SocialOomph could help you with this).

# Master the Twitter language
If you want to be good at Tweeting then you should learn some Twitter vocabulary to stay up-to-date. A few examples would be: @reply, Trending Topics and so on.

# Use mobile devices
Smart phones come with Twitter applications, so make use of them. They could help your business as you can tweet on the go. You can also twitter messages via SMS, just in case you don`t have a smart phone.

# Advertise your company on Twitter
And finally place your Twitter link wherever you can- on your business card, web page, blog, Facebook etc.

Here at 4pm we hope that we could be of some assistance to you and your business with our tips.

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