iPPi is Designed by Property Professionals for Property Professionals iPPi simplifies complex property appraisal, provides unparalleled market reporting and business intelligence, saving your time, improving accuracy and increasing sales. See how iPPi can benefit your business/ enhance your business/process?

Save Time Improve Accuracy Increase Sales

Designed by Property Professionals for Property Professionals

We simplify complex property appraisal and deliver tangible, measurable client value.


Produce vendor ready appraisals in minutes


Assess property values with increased accuracy


Use iPPi to inform your business decisions

Key Features

Enriched Sold History Reports

Access over 500,000 sold history records at the touch of a button
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Our enhanced Sold History database uses elastic search to match the Property Price Register to property descriptions published online. Geolocation enables iPPi users to view properties as pins on google maps allowing you to judge location proximity. Once selected, properties can be added to lists to use as comparables in generating bespoke property appraisals in minutes.

Branded Property Appraisal

Create bespoke property appraisal for vendors
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iPPi’s appraisal tool gives you the power to:

  • Identify comparable properties
  • Calculate mean price and average price per sq m
  • Add adjustments to a property value to calculate your suggested price or price range
  • Produce a bespoke formatted property appraisal that can be presented to potential vendors

Real Time Market Reports

The latest market information in your area
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iPPi gives you the power to access daily view stats on your market:

  • Number of properties for sale in your market and changes / month
  • Average days to sell in your market and changes/ month
  • Average asking price
  • Average cost / sqm
  • Average size in sqm
  • Demand Index
  • Properties to rent
  • Average days to rent
  • Average Rental Price

Market Trends

View market trends over time
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  • Online vs Sold Average Prices
  • Average Price / Beds/ Last 12 Months
  • Price Distribution of Sold Properties Last 12 Months
  • Average Price Last 12 Months
  • Average Price Per Sqm Last 12 months
  • Volume of Sales Last 12 months
  • Advertised vs sold properties statistics last 12 months
  • For sale online listings by beds and property type
  • Added listings
  • Delisted listings
  • New developments listings
  • Volume of sales last 12 months
  • Days to sell avg. Last 12 months
  • Avg. Visualizations before sale last 12 months
  • Volume of sales last 5 years
  • Withdrawn properties

Industry Leaderboard

View how your business performs in comparison to your local market
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View how your business performs in comparison to your local market:

  • Agency sold history
  • Current Number of Properties online
  • Days to sell
  • Average sold price

Pricing per Month - How it Works

At iPPi we want to democratise data by providing affordable access to market intelligence to all.

We realise that all local property markets are different and so, we have implemented a pricing structure which takes into account an agents’ local market value and company size.

No. of Subscriptions Cost per Subscription
Band A
Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Wicklow
Cost per Subscription
Band B
Carlow, Clare, Cork, Galway, Laois, Kilkenny, Limerick, Louth, Offaly, Waterford, Westmeath, Wexford
Cost per Subscription
Band C
Cavan, Donegal, Kerry, Leitrim, Longford, Mayo, Monaghan, Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary
1 €49.50 €45.11 €40.71
2 €42.43 €38.66 €34.90
3-4 €33.59 €30.61 €27.63
5-15 €30.23 €27.55 €24.86
15+ €29.70 €27.06 €24.43

Key Benefits of iPPi

iPPi provides Irish property professionals with unique access to high quality sold history, property valuation and market intelligence tools with the objectives of:

  • Save time on research on comparables: Research and generate Valuations and Appraisals in minutes as our database searches over 500,000 records and property descriptions in seconds.
  • Increasing the accuracy of valuations and appraisals by providing access to the most recent and comprehensive data set in Ireland.
  • Improve service & sales: Deliver accurate appraisals faster. Turn up to viewings at short notice with comprehensive branded reports that can be emailed to the client.
  • Improved branding: Position your organisation as market leader through publishing market insights and branded appraisals.
  • Identifying areas of growth & decline by house type/size location – IPPI enables you to view price distribution over time, volume of sales and days to sell.
  • Enhancing business decision making by providing up to the minute information on property market performance and competitor activity today and overtime.


IPPI Ireland’s Independent Property Price Register has been developed in conjunction with UCD’s Analytics department and over 200 Agents, Valuers and Business owners across Ireland.

IPPI uses elastic search to match and reference house transactions on the Property Price register with any historical reference to these properties online. iPPi brings a new level of understanding and context to the housing market in Ireland.

Real-time access to this data will provide property professionals with a new level of actionable data that will revolutionize the manner in which they manage their own business, monitor the competition and provide services to clients.

With a comprehensive set of data going back to 2012 property professionals will be able to determine trends and current market conditions for residential property for all areas of the country from county/city level right down to village and individual street level by number of bedrooms, property size and which agent is dealing or dealt with the transaction.

The phase 1 launch of iPPi will also include an appraisal tool for Agents and Valuers with a search function for comparable properties enabling the creation of accurate & fast property valuations for property vendors.