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Irelands average broadband speed has decreased by 7%

According to a study conducted by Akamai for the fourth quarter of 2012, Ireland scored 15th out of 98 countries when it came to broadband speed, but it was also one of the few countries which saw a decline in the yearly comparison.

The country which came number 1 in this study was South Korea with 14 Mbps, even though they have also experienced a decline of 13%. Japan  came second with 10.8 Mbps, Hong Kong with 9.3 Mbps and Lativia with 8.9Mbps (increased by 20%!).

In the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Switzerland achieved highest with 8.7Mbps, narrowly followed by Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Sweden. In this particular region, Ireland takes 9th place with an average broadband speed of 6.6 Mbps.

On a global scale, the average connection speed has increased by 25%.
A fast Internet connection can make your online experience a lot more enjoyable, especially when it comes to watching videos or movies and playing games, as all of these activities are affected by your broadband connection speed.

If you want to improve your broadband speed, you should size up the connection speed from suppliers which cover your area. Switching your supplier is worth considering if others offer a faster Internet connection for the same price. However, we advise you to carefully examine the packages which different suppliers advertise, especially when they offer “up to” levels. Whether the actual speed is close to the maximum also depends on geographical distances, so be careful before you accept a deal. Before making use of the DSL broadband service, you should also know that the Internet could be slower in the evenings because many people are logged on at the same time, so peak times are an issue. Not all Internet connections are affected by them, so check twice before you subscribe. That’s all from 4pm, happy surfing guys!

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