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Luxury hotels for chicken

It’s  #funnyfriday again! Here is this weeks installment of madness.

When a pet owner goes on holiday an important consideration is finding someone to look after their adorable dog or cat, but  if said pet is a chicken things could get a bit more complicated!

Would sending them away to a luxury chicken hotel for a week or two sound ridiculous?
Bill Bezuk, a dedicated Chicken owner has done just this and has set up a hotel solely for your beloved poultry.  Before actually coming up with this brilliant business idea, he used to bike from one farm to the other to look after other farmer’s chicken when they were on holiday. Having to travel between the different farms was too stressful, that’s why he decided to open up a place specifically dedicated to his favorite animals in Oregon, United States.

The basic package which includes water, food and a bed  costs 2$ per chicken per night. For the “deluxe accommodation”, which includes  organic food, fresh vegetable scraps and turn down service, you would have find an additional $1.

The Chicken Hotel in Cornwall, UK, even offers spa treatments and emery-board pedicures.

While chicken hotels seem to make lives easier for many farmers, there is still some reluctance to accept this trend because of a fear of avian-borne diseases which could spread easily between the different chickens.

Therefore, lots of measures are taken in order to minimize this existing risk. Apart from thoroughly cleaning the chicken houses, animals are not mixed with those of other livestock and diatomaceous earth is used to absorb parasites.

 That’s it for today. We from 4pm wish you a good start into the weekend and relaxing free days.

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