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Men finally experience childbirth!

The end is close and our beloved weekend is a stones throw away. To sweeten your last day of the working week we have another #FunnyFriday blog for you.

Funny friday blog

“How bad is the labour pain?”, they ask. Women would answer; “it’s the most painful thing in the world”. Men think this is a bit over-dramatic but what do they know?
To try get a better idea of what it really feels like, two brave gentlemen took up the challenge and were hooked up to a machine with electrodes to their abdomens in order to simulate a child’s birth.
In the beginning they were laughing and joking, but I assure you this didn’t last for long once the contractions started.
Funny friday blog

Their wives were present for support, but they didn’t seem to be helping much when they couldn’t contain their laughter. To be honest I’d say they were loving seeing their husbands endure the pain that they had to!.

One even went as far as to praise his own mother after, “Mum if anything that I just experienced is anywhere close to what I did to you all those years ago, I’m sorry, you’re like a superhero” 

Would you believe that this actually wasn’t the first attempt the dutch men made to experience child birth!  So there you have it guys, I wish all men would give this a try! Enjoy your weekend from the 4pm team!


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