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Microsoft to launch Windows 8.1 on 18th October!

Rumours of Microsoft’s much anticipated release of Windows 8.1 were ended yesterday by the announcement that the new operating system will be rolled out on October 17th, with full retail launch on October 18th.

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software for estate agents

The announcement was made on Microsoft’s blog last night and will be offered as a free update to current Windows 8 users.

“Windows 8.1 continues the vision we began with Windows 8 and is an example of our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement for our customers,” The software giant stated in its blog.

“And Windows 8.1 brings many improvements in areas like personalisation, Internet Explorer 11, search which is powered by Bing, built-in apps including a few new ones, an improved Windows Store experience, and cloud connectivity with SkyDrive (and much more) that people will enjoy.”

Intrigued? Impatient? Or just plain interested? Microsoft’s already offering a preview version of the Windows 8.1 update for those who can’t wait another month.! We at 4pm would love to hear your thoughts on the new windows 8.1 and whether you feel  the software is changing too often? software for estate agents