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New and improved Picture Management

Software for estate agents
Software for estate agents

Now that Version 8 has been been released we thought we’d show you how the new Picture Management Tool can transform the way you manage your photos in Acquaint. See a video of Picture Management here or follow the steps below.

Picture Management

1. On a property click Edit.
2. In the Pictures box click Add and the browse screen will be displayed.
3. Select your pictures (holding down the CTRL key will enable you to select multiple pictures)
4. Drag and drop your pictures in the order you require.
• Double click on a picture and the Edit Picturescreen will be displayed.
• Drag the sliders in the Editing Options to adjust Brightness, Contrast, Hue and Saturation.
• Alternatively, the Auto Level can be used to adjust all the levels automatically in one go.
• Click Save to keep your changes.
No more brown grass or grey sky!
Software for estate agents

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