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Stylish Trash

Houses and apartments which all look the same? That is so last year!
Why not stand out and be different and use your rubbish to create furniture or even to build your house? Yes you’ve read it right, furniture made out of rubbish, which is not just a stylish eye catcher but it’s also a big step in the direction of a sustainable way of living.
4pm have collected a few of these rubbish creations. Take a look,


Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring 
What happens to Wine Barrels that can’t be used for fermentation? Nothing, eventually they’ll be thrown away . That’s why many companies have decided to make use of this beautiful material.



The Ruler Chair 

Chairs which all look the same are too boring for you right? Well why not cover your plain chair with old-fashioned rulers.


Recycled Electronics There is new technology emerging every day which means that our gadgets usually only last a couple of years. And then, we need to throw them away. But alas now there is no need to throw them away! Why not make a coffee table out of them?





Ceiling covered with picture frames 

Dan Phillips, an American builder and designer has already produced a couple of interesting projects with recycled materials.
For instance he decorated the ceilings of a house with frames and with a ceiling like this you can be sure to have a unique atmosphere.




Colorful lights
Do you get as annoyed as we do when you realize how many plastic bottles you could have collected over the week? Some designer found a way to reuse these bottles in a decorative way. Lights decorated with colorful plastic bottles.



So there ya have it, just a few of the creative ways in which people have been reusing their waste. What are your thoughts on reusing materials? Have you ever tried making anything out of your rubbish? Leave us a comment and don’t forget to check out our daily 4pm blog.

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