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Vine Swings to Top of App Store

4pm’s Latest News on the App Scene

No other non-game app was downloaded more than Vine in June, according to an app ranker.

Vine spent more than six seconds in social media heaven in June, assuming the coveted position of the most downloaded application on Apple’s App Store for the month, when excluding games.

Twitter-owned Vine, which launched on iPhone in January, is a video application for shooting and sharing GIF-like, 6-second clips that play on repeat. The application pioneered an original video format that lets mobile users weave together bits of clips — until Instagram came along with a similar offering.

But Vine is doing more than fine if application downloads are any indication. The nascent video service beat out YouTube and Snapchat to become the most downloaded non-game application on Apple’s App Store in June. Instagram, meanwhile, was the fifth most-downloaded app for the month, occupying the same spot it held in the previous month.Software for Estate Agents

App Annie does not report actual download numbers, but the service’s monthly rankings have Vine moving up the leader board from the fourth most-downloaded non-game app to the top spot in a single month. The momentum suggests that Vine is picking up steam and new users, despite stiff competition from the immensely popular Instagram, which now has more than 130 million active users.

Vine had 13 million registered users as of early June, prior to its arrival on Android.

Will you be swinging from the Vine or is it just the latest trend? Let us at 4pm know what you think,