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Website Development &
Digital Strategy Proposal

Prepared for

— February 2024


4Property are pleased to present this proposal for the development of a new website for <Com[pany>. As the leading development house for Estate & Letting Agents in Ireland, with over 200 client websites, 4Property are uniquely positioned to help <Company> develop their digital strategy now and in the years to come.

4Property have developed a range of digital & website development services & products to help our clients develop successful online businesses. These are all available to <Company> and having been designed to be “modular” so there is the option to step into these products over time. These products/services are:

1. 4Sites: The core website development service that delivers beautiful websites with all the funcitonality a modern property agency needs

2. 4Leads: Turns websites into Vendor & Landlord lead generators. Landing pages that engage key customer types linked up to remarketing create a powerful solution to drive your business forward.

3. 4Market: Outsource your digital marketing to a team of property industry specialists. The focus of the service is to generate & nurture Vendor & Landlord leads.

We hope you find this proposal of interest and please feel to contact me if you have any questions.

If you would like to go ahead simply let me know and we will setup the Project Briefing call with our Project Manager to get your website build underway


1. 4Sites:
2. 4Leads:
3. 4Market:
4. Monthly Maintenace & Support
5. Project notes for <Company>
6. Costs

Chief Operating Officer
086 839 3767

Reasons to choose 4Property as your Website Development Partner

WordPress, with over 35 million websites built, is the world’s leading website development tool and is the global standard.

World-class organisations such as NASA, CNN, Microsoft have selected WordPress as their website development platform demonstrating the power ad versatility of this websit development platform.

Proprietary WordPress Theme: 4Property have developed a WordPress theme specifically for the Irish property market. This provides 2 advantages:

  • Only the code and functionality required by Irish property agents has been included, meaning our sites are lean & fast.
  • Updates made on the theme cascade down to all our agent’s sites, allowing for regular updates and maintenance (in 2023 over 300 updates were logged)

Content Management System (CMS): The WordPress CMS has been designed to allow non-technical staff to update and add content to websites.

However the 4Property team will also always be on hand to make any amendments to your site as required

4Property are fully independent and the Agents’ PropTech specialists. We have no other agenda; our sole aim is to provide our Estate Agent clients the tools they need to conduct a successful business. We work with all portals and other CRM providers to provide our clients with the best combination of solutions possible.

Feature Development: 4Property have an exciting schedule to develop new features & functionality for our property clients. Following on from 4Bids, a module to streamline viewings is scheduled this year, along with an instant approx. valuation tool designed to generate Vendor leads and finally a mechanism to book Facebook campaigns for individual property listings.

Targeting Vendors & Landlords: Our ambition for our clients is not only to provide sites that present properties beautifully but actively generate business with our services & strategies encompassing: SEO, Advertising, Remarketing & Lead Nurturing.

Project Scope

This below scope is put forward with the intent on being as flexible as possible so as to provide both <Company> options to suit their digital business requirements.

Group Website

Develop a group website that includes:

  1. Bespoke design of homepage, company pages, property brochure pages.
  2. Setup of property data feeds, property search functionality, all required property listing sections (Residential, Commercial, New Homes etc).
  3. Development/configuration of any other required functionality (e.g. property Alerts).
  4. Development of sections for each branch to include:
    • Branch information pages/sections (i.e. about us, team bios, opening times, location maps, links to social media accounts etc).
    • Property listings.
  5. Option to configure admin rights to allow the staff at Group and Branches to have the rights to edit specific sections of the group website.
  6. SEO analysis of competitors and SEO advice in producing and creating the content for the all sections of the site(s) at group and branch level.

Branch Websites

Develop a branch website design template to provide local branches with a very cost-effective option to having a local site developed. These local sites could either work in tandem with the group website, or alternatively site visitors searching for specific branch information could be clicked straight through to branch websites.
In addition Admin rights can be assigned across the branch sites allowing <Company> to edit Group content across the network of branch websites


Website Design & Development of Group Website
One-Off Development Fees: €18,000
Monthly Support Fees: €350

Creation of Branch website template
One-Off Development Fees: €2,850

Development of individual branch websites (with use of template)
One-Off Development Fees: €1,425
Monthly Support Fees: €45

Monthly Support & Maintenance

*Fair usage applies: Requested amendments, edits, and changes are catered for up to 3hr man-hour per quarter on average. Full content management and ongoing development contracts can be arranged, if required. However, this fair usage limit does not apply to any work deemed as essential website maintenance or the fixing of broken functionality or features (this work will always be included as part of the monthly fee). Implementation of new features, sections & functionality is considered new development work and will be quoted for accordingly. 4Property’s standard rate for work outside the agreed contract is €75/hour.

Staff Webinars

To support <Company>, 4Property will offer all staff a series of webinars to ensure that the group realizes the maximum from the new Group website and any branch websites developed. Topics that could be included: Editing & adding content, SEO Guidance, Digital Advertising, Managing Leads etc.

Additional/Future Options & Services

The below options can either be included in the initial proposal or developed over time. In addition, 4Property have an ambitious development schedule centred around creating services & products to streamline business processes (e.g. buyer & tenant applications) and to help Agents generate more leads from Vendors & Landlords. These new developments will be made available to <Company> as they come on stream.

Presentation Download

Click below to download a copy of the slides presented to the <Company> board in January 2024

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