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WP Property Drive,
a full-featured property management system.

WP Property Drive is part of our 4Sites web development package.

Import properties from Property Drive, search, display, filter, sort, and map. Import properties seamlessly from Daft, MyHome and Acquaint CRM.


WP Property Drive plugin for WordPress is the fastest and most simple way to link your WordPress website to all your Sales and Lettings listings on

To get running, you simply install the plugin, set up some quick settings, and then you can use our supplied template pages or just enter our short codes to your own pages. You can have your site showing all your Acquaint/Property Drive/Daft/MyHome/Rightmove listings within 5 minutes.


With our WP Property Drive plugin, you can decide what fields to allow users to search by, what values can be searched (e.g. limit searches to local counties only, or not allow commercial property searches if you do not handle such listings), and what details to show on the property results pages.

You can also set which of your listings to show as a featured property anywhere on your site.


Prefer to manage properties directly? WP Property Drive allows full management of your properties, directly in your WordPress Dashboard. Control every aspect of your properties, every detail and every image.

Our Property Listing Plugin for WordPress is the Fast & Simple way to link your WordPress site to all your Property Listings on Acquaint/Property Drive/Daft/MyHome/Rightmove

No need to administer two lists. As you update your Acquaint/Property Drive/Daft/MyHome/Rightmove listings, the changes are instantly showing on your website.


Considering WP Property Drive? Then see also:

  • Brings traffic directly to your website so you can advertise all your services
  • Ability to set the search form, results, and advert details template pages
  • Set the number of items per page to display
  • Sort results by different sort options
  • Set featured properties easily from a menu selection
  • Customize your search form, showing your labels and just the fields you want
  • Set your price search values according to your own preferences
  • Easily set the items to show on your Property Details Page, such as photos, BER Rating etc.
  • Listings that are Sale Agreed have a specific banner on them to reflect this
  • Listings can have a contact form on them to allow clients to contact you directly

What’s included? CORE

  •  Exclusive Irish property market integration
  •  Property Drive integration
  •  Daft integration
  •  Acquaint CRM integration
  •  Additional styles and themes
  •  Additional property hero templates
  •  SEO features
  •  Reusable block support for the single property template
  •  EU GDPR compliancy
  •  And lots more!

What’s optional? PRO

  •  Supernova: Native WordPress theme
  •  4Bids: Native auction/private treaty platform
  •  4Leads: Native lead generation platform
  •  Custom development and support
  •  And lots more!


3.6.9 (cumulative)

  • Remove /docs/ from GitHub’s gh-pages branch and use the local knowledge base
  • Remove brochure media styles (used for the blocks template)
  • Remove the blocks property template (media tabs)
  • Remove obsolete Markdown files
  • Add primary image as a data parameter
  • Filter featured image for properties to return the primary image
  • Change order of sharing icons
  • Add login URL plugin recommendation
  • Add default login URL as /4login/
  • Add Social Sharing Block plugin recommendation
  • 4Bids Update outbid email
  • 4Bids Add User-to-Contact converter
  • 4Bids Fix variable indentation
  • 4Bids Fix 4Bids meta box being displayed regardless of 4bids status
  • 4Bids Add a new _bidding_invoiced meta key to all properties to store 4Bids invoicing status


  • Add asynchronous decoding to all Property Drive images
  • Combine all activation/deactivation hooks for faster plugin activation
  • Change search results for area (switch from meta query to taxonomy query)
  • 4Bids Implement 4Bids watching (better functionality, beta)
  • 4Bids Remove H3 styling (use native)
  • 4Bids Move obsolete PlanetVerify settings to own tab
  • 4Bids Update codebase (WPCS)
  • 4Bids Remove bookmarks feature (watched properties)
  • 4Bids Remove global sale watching and replaced with per-user permissions
  • Add simple agent details for the custom property brochure template
  • Add custom styles for the custom property template


  • Attempt to fix HTML entities being decoded by email clients
  • Fix missing strings from
  • Remove custom welcome email feature
  • Add “Better Notifications for WP” as a recommended plugin
  • Add all meta boxes in one call in includes/meta.php
  • 4Bids Add pending 4Bids applications on the property back-end page
  • 4Bids Remove unused variables
  • 4Bids Hide WordPress’ native user role from the user editor screen
  • Implement date-from parameter for the property grid


  • 4Leads Fix WordPress 6.0 overriding display type for blocks
  • Fix Reapit schedule not showing properly in the options dropdown
  • Add missing date_created and date_modified fields for Reapit (XML) importer
  • Add empty property_market attribute to fix missing properties (alpha)
  • Add Daft commercial property types based on property_type_id
  • Capitalize property type and subtype (living type)
  • Update changelog URL


  • 4Bids Fix font size for 4Bids offer box
  • Fix z-index of collaborative map (property map)
  • Fix undefined bid author in some rare occasions
  • Enable Contacts module for property alerts as an experiment only
  • 4Bids Add smart options for 4Bids
  • Add persona, market, IP address and source to contact meta
  • Add alpha tabs for active experiments (Labs) and CRON jobs
  • Update Leaflet to latest version (1.8.0)
  • Update codebase (WPCS)


  • Add custom list of property living types
  • Remove broken emojis in WordPress 6.0
  • Remove broken Reply-To header with comma-separated list of email addresses
  • 4Bids Remove unused 4Bids heartbeat action
  • Update WordPress compatibility
  • Update codebase (WPCS)


  • Check if WP Property Drive is installed before checking it via cli.php
  • Check for empty DistrictName before importing it
  • Add configurable date_modified field for properties
  • Add property type parameter to the simple property map shortcode
  • Change recommended plugins to external, instead of pre-packaged
  • Update simple property map leaflet popup style
  • Remove LeafletJS source code files
  • Remove hardcoded changelog
  • Remove Parsedown library
  • Update codebase (WPCS)


  • Add option to show price for inactive (Sold, Let) properties
  • Add new property brochure image gallery (Grid)
  • Allow multiple email recipients for 4Bids notifications
  • Updated WordPress compatibility
  • Update codebase (WPCS)


  • Fix undefined function (removed in a previous release)
  • Fix old search form shortcode
  • 4Bids Fix public sale watching
  • Add check for elements before adding class to prevent a JavaScript console error
  • Add new property brochure grid gallery (Beta)
  • Add multiple counties parameter (instead of only one) to the property grid shortcode
  • Update codebase (WPCS)


  • Fix PHP tag in HTML code
  • Fix issue with string-to-array conversion in PHP 8.1
  • Fix deprecated default function parameter in PHP 8.1
  • Fix PHP notice for missing property market
  • Fix counting an INT value
  • Add SendGrid API key to the Help section/tab
  • Add new Reapit XML integration and settings page
  • Rename settings page to comply to WPCS
  • Rename setup page to comply to WPCS
  • Improve responsiveness of the classic property carousel
  • Create a unique wppd_setup_custom_schedules() function for all importers
  • Remove logging feature (incomplete)
  • Remove unused logging function(s) and table(s)
  • Remove properties from “At a Glance” section on Dashboard
  • Remove duplicate CRON schedules for Daft and Rightmove
  • Remove unused file(s)
  • Update codebase (WPCS)


  • Override WordPress 5.9 which breaks the Flickity slider (again, only for the slider)


  • Override WordPress 5.9 max-width: 100%; which breaks the Flickity slider


  • 4Bids Add more checks to the 4Bids checklist
  • Optimise images for size
  • Remove email custom post type and replace with a simple counter
  • Customise login details email
  • Delete unused (or redundant) assets
  • Delete
  • Delete unused code


  • Fix documentation typo
  • 4Bids Add extra details to the 4Bids setup checklist
  • Add missing email trigger for user T&C agreement
  • Remove automated Lighthouse footer link for new websites only
  • Clean up old (commented out) code
  • Update codebase (WPCS)
  • Ignore object properties naming conventions from Property Drive feed


  • Fix double property type for Reapit
  • Add land size to Land properties
  • Add plugin suggestions for welcome email editors
  • Add as a property tour provider
  • Add new Contacts feature (alpha)
  • 4Bids Improve back-end UI
  • 4Bids Add brand colours to 4Bids badges and buttons
  • 4Bids Add T&Cs on registration
  • 4Bids Add missing Euro sign from offer confirmation
  • 4Bids Refactor verification screen (back-end)
  • Update codebase (WPCS)
  • Remove unused WPCS (Coding Standards) checks


  • Fix properties with no coordinates
  • Fix issue with location search when no location is present
  • Fix permission issue for single sites (as opposed to multisites)
  • Fix Supernova Slider for not parsing button styles (WordPress 5.9)
  • Remove extra div from metabox
  • Do not downsize legacy carousel images
  • Add specific “Let Agreed” option to replace “Has Been Let”
  • Add simple property map feature (use [property-map-simple] shortcode)
  • Add date_created to property editor
  • Add WPCS ruleset
  • Update codebase (WPCS)
  • Add single location autocomplete search field
  • Add minimum price parameter to property grid
  • Add “order by price then by status” option to real-time search
  • Add option to disable oEmbed parsing and avoid duplicate YouTube videos in property description
  • Add energy details to property brochure page
  • Add missing LeafletJS scripts
  • Optimise single property template by removing unused variables and DB queries
  • Improve [areas] shortcode to allow for more customization
  • Restrict access to post/page publishing for authors (beta)
  • Replace gmdate() with date() for timezone inclusion


  • 4Bids Fix properties not visible for author roles
  • 4Bids Add event log page (alpha)
  • 4Bids Add user notification message on User Profile page
  • 4Bids Create event log table on plugin activation and start logging various 4Bids events
  • 4Bids Better handle (catch) bidder notification errors (to be used with Sentry)
  • Add BER rating field to the Rightmove importer
  • Update Rightmove upload path to the new location
  • Tweak the moneysherpa UI and allow placement outside property template


  • Remove duplicate variable assignment
  • Add changelog section to plugin’s Settings screen
  • Clean up Integrations tab

3.5.2 (cumulative)

  • 4Bids Add additional 4Bids shortcodes for upcoming and completed auctions
  • Fix performance issues with the search form
  • Fix undefined query variable
  • Fix duplicate meta description on taxonomy pages
  • Add CRON debug for Rightmove
  • Add county and area as separate custom post meta for Rightmove
  • Add Beds and MaxPrice parameters to the [cf8] and [cf9] shortcodes for better Acquaint integration
  • Remove useless file (save one file request)


  • GDPR Change GDPR popup button justification to left
  • GDPR Change GDPR cookie to sitewide
  • GDPR Update GDPR notice UI
  • GDPR Tweak GDPR popup to not cover the entire screen
  • 4Bids Only show 4Bids charge notice if Billing is enabled
  • 4Bids Add further checks (Billing module and WHMCS ID) to 4Bids checklist
  • Fix property map (alpha)
  • Fix issue for non-Supernova websites
  • Fix missing table row
  • Move “My Settings” user tab to last position and rename it to “Settings”
  • Add block sidebar (ES5, pre-alpha)
  • Add searchable locations to
  • Add workaround for the block-based property template with non-Supernova websites
  • Add moneysherpa module (beta)
  • Add color contrast check for the moneysherpa widget
  • Add Lighthouse as a recommended helper plugin
  • Add property status class to the <article> element on the single property template
  • Clarify option check
  • Remove duplicate admin tab section
  • WordPress compatibility update
  • Update to latest version (0.5.22)
  • Downsize Digital Ocean-served images for property thumbnails

3.4.23 (cumulative)

  • Move “My Settings” user tab to last position and rename it to “Settings”
  • Add CLI file with version number and 4Bids module status


  • Fix issue with uninitialized function


  • Add hardcoded Slack notification for 4Bids properties


  • Change “bid” wording to “offer” to better reflect user actions


  • Move linked property to user Profile section


  • Security Redirect author, bidder and solicitor roles to a custom back-end page
  • Security Only show linked property for admins
  • Security Only show 4Bids settings for admins
  • Security Only show dataroom settings for admins
  • Security Only show warning(s) for admins
  • Security Remove Yoast SEO for non-admins for posts, pages and properties
  • Security Style all yes/no Dashicons uniformly throughout CORE and PRO
  • Security Remove unused content from docs
  • Security Update changelogs for WP Property Drive and Supernova (retroactively)


  • Clean up WordPress Dashboard for non-admin users
  • Finalize Rightmove importer (change from Alpha to Beta)


  • Add Dataroom alpha module
  • Add more options to Integrations & Modules
  • Add email class to sidebar (template parts)
  • Add email class to sidebar
  • Rightmove feed updates
  • Initialise new Yoast canonical option
  • Move Yoast hooks and filters to a separate file


  • 4Bids Only restrict access when 4Bids is enabled (not every time)


  • Add Rightmove importer (alpha)
  • Delete unused test files
  • 4Bids Enable restricted access for 4Bids-enabled sites

3.4.5 (cumulative)

  • Only update attachments for Property Drive properties (not manual, not custom, not Daft, not Rightmove)
  • Fix issue with wrong linked property date (reported by Phil Thompson)
  • Double-check property alerts database schema
  • Add rel=0 at the end of YouTube embed links and use the nocookie domain for all YouTube videos
  • Add column count to the property carousel parameter
  • Add property carousel
  • Add CRON debugger
  • Add new Billing section in WP Property Drive settings
  • 4Bids Add 4Bids -> WHMCS billing
  • Simplify property alert email sending process
  • Show property ID after description (optional)
  • Update WordPress compatibility
  • Refactor (test) some settings UI

3.4.4 (cumulative)

  • Implement custom single property template
  • Add initial files for Rightmove support
  • 4Bids Add approved properties to Users table
  • 4Bids Add bid ID to 4Bids API response
  • 4Bids Allow agents to delete bids
  • Allow changing number of properties per page for the real-time search
  • Remove ActiveCampaign from all Akismet calls
  • Remove required position field from CF9 form
  • Initialize several orphan options
  • Move some of Supernova property-related styles to WP Property Drive plugin
  • Change creation date to modification date for the real-time search
  • Tweak classic carousel margins
  • Fix issue with image/tour icons being overlapped

3.3.5 (cumulative)

  • 4Leads Add initial persona blocks CSS
  • 4Leads Add 4Leads weekly report
  • 4Leads Properly include 4Leads analytics
  • 4Leads Move vanilla-datatables dependency to local
  • 4Leads Change HTML structure to allow modal email popups
  • 4Leads Tweak 4Leads email table to behave more like a CRM
  • 4Bids Add phone to user registration
  • 4Bids Change the 4Bids agreement checkbox to read-only in the back-end
  • 4Bids Combine General 4Bids Settings and Legal Settings
  • 4Bids Refactor document uploads
  • 4Bids 4Bids UI/UX updates
  • 4Bids Add 4Bids Core Alpha
  • 4Bids Introduce 4Bids Core (Local) API
  • 4Bids Remove bid CPT and replace with custom table
  • 4Bids Fix undefined index for auctions
  • 4Bids Add Reply-To headers for all bidder emails
  • Fix and speed up latest properties shortcode
  • Fix rare issue with single property template not being loaded
  • Fix Google reCAPTCHA duplication when Contact Form 7 is installed
  • Fix search issue with metas and taxonomies
  • Fix issue with property type array
  • Fix issue with breaking out of current iteration instead of entire loop
  • Fix property alerts database not being available on activation
  • Fix accordion code
  • Fix missing HTML tag
  • Fix issue assigning reusable blocks to areas
  • Fix issue with new developments conflict with ignore parameter
  • Fix wrong label and fix saving primary image (back-end)
  • Fix property attributes (single property template) on small resolutions
  • Fix shortcode builder replaceAll()
  • Fix issue with author parameter being filtered out
  • Fix empty living type being overriden on property edit/save
  • Fix for auction groups (both status and selling type)
  • Change block_categories to block_categories_all for block filters
  • Back-end UI/UX improvements
  • Exclude password-protected properties from search
  • Exclude password-protected properties from search results
  • Exclude password-protected properties from property grid
  • Make position mandatory in [cf8] and [cf9]
  • Move legacy Agent CPT from Supernova into WP Property Drive and then into a custom functionality plugin
  • Performance Add lazy loading to slider videos (mp4 only)
  • Performance Update ui.css and load the minified one for production sites
  • Performance Implement lazy loading for the Flickity slider
  • Refactor Yelp Nearby and Foursquare Amenities modules
  • Update Git Updater requirements
  • Update search results property order
  • Update TGMPA class for PHP 8+
  • Add PRO version (alpha)
  • Add property sharing shortcode
  • Add office ID, name and address to properties on import
  • Add shortcode builder feature (alpha)
  • Add experimental block editor support or properties
  • Add custom property tour
  • Add custom property type workaround based on custom tag
  • Add basic GDPR consent form (jQuery-dependent, subject to modification)
  • Add Offr integration
  • Implement plugin auto update
  • Remove empty Property Alert CRON job
  • Remove draft properties count
  • Remove an extra line break
  • Remove duplicate variable declaration
  • Merge several Property Grid self-excluding parameters and remove an unused variable
  • Do not show property attributes (size, BER) if they are empty
  • Do not append Eircode number by default (make optional)


  • 4Bids: Facebook Live video (alpha)
  • 4Bids: Start modularizing code (FP)
  • Fix line breaks on import (beta)
  • Fix wrong type for textareas
  • Fix broken slide icon if Font Awesome is not loaded in the Dashboard
  • Add more in-plugin documentation for APIs, hooks and filters


  • Fix issue with property import being skipped (continue instead of return)


  • 4Bids Refactor guide/reserve/minimum price
  • Standardise property size retrieval
  • Add option to control full property size display (square meters + square feet) vs condensed display (square meters only, default)

  • 4Leads Move 4Leads to the Integrations section (instead of config constant)
  • 4Bids Add 4Bids config file creation (subject to Nginx/Apache permissions)
  • Add local brochures to properties
  • Add tours/videos to Flickity carousel
  • Refactor property tours/videos into a separate function
  • Add overrides for featured properties and (unlimited) property tours
  • Refactor Property Drive image import

  • Improve video/tour mobile responsiveness in Flickity carousel
  • Allow admin to unsubscribe property alert subscribers
  • Add importer ID to property alerts table and convert to utf8mb4
  • Add EyeSpy360 as tour provider
  • Add option to toggle the custom og:image fetching on or off
  • Update Flickity to 2.2.2


  • 4Leads Recreate database structure in
  • 4Leads Push parallel data to
  • 4Leads Create/migrate endpoint to read data
  • 4Leads Remove local leads database
  • Remove property views and use the 4Leads database
  • Add in-plugin documentation for reusable blocks and shortcodes
  • Refactor property alerts to use VanillaJS


  • Move CF8 to helpers.php
  • Refactor CF8 to use ES6
  • Move property alerts to core plugin


  • Re-add a custom quick contact form built using Google reCAPTCHA v3


  • Implement Contact Form 7 as a plugin dependency for quick enquiries and contact form
  • Remove unused sharing to friend feature
  • Add a price range for new developments
  • Add a unit size range for new developments
  • Remove property sidebar widgets and promote reusable blocks
  • Remove/consolidate duplicate property sidebar shortcodes
  • Remove own GitHub updater code (PDUpdater)
  • 4Leads: Remove external sa.js
  • 4Leads: Implement a configurable daily/weekly CRON job for properties
  • 4Leads: Add 4Leads requirements (basic)
  • 4Leads: Add scheduled events


  • Bug fixes


  • Deprecate integrated updater and use @afragen GitHub Updater
  • Refactor external featured image (for property CPT social sharing and Google SERP featured image)
  • Remove AJAX modal for the Map Navigator feature (too tricky to style, manage and maintain and also not good for SEO)
  • Add documentation/requirements for the new GitHub Updater
  • Add consistent shortcodes for the property sidebar reusable block
  • Add new “For Auction” status ribbon and colour
  • Fix issue with maximum price option being set, even if disabled
  • 4Bids: Add guide price and allow bid decrease
  • 4Bids: Allow custom bids (back-end)

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