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You Invent Tags is the next generation real estate property portal platform which is a GEO coded data rich matrix of classified real estate listings. 4property is built to be the mobile-first real estate property portal that can operate in any market or country, especially where there is low availability of Internet service. The 4property platform can easily collate and disseminate all required and supporting classified advert information in real time. It provides an innovative and substantial classified subscription and display advertising revenue stream for the local channel partner. It delivers an environment to dynamically facilitate / broker commercial and residential

real estate transactions, e.g. a sale or rent, to occur between an applicant and a vendor / landlord in both the residential and commercial property markets. achieves this by providing a comprehensive and integrated search engine matrix in the Google Cloud storage platform and marketplace infrastructure with the ability to setup subscripions for premium placement on the portal, which creates recurring revenues. Technology and information are the building blocks for any modern, healthy publishing business, real estate market and economy. This is an opportunity to white label this platform in your country.

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A key strength of our product is the simplicity of the system, which allows our end users to search and find what they are looking for quickly. They can then drill down into a huge amount of data on that property, and the location, as we are able to layer and display data intuitively. We also believe the mobile-first strategy and geo approach, coupled with our new database design, are game changers and will deliver an advantage where we are able to leapfrog the current service providers by applying and pioneering the latest technology and innovation in big data. We are working with CeADAR & INSIGHT, which are National University Research Teams (Ireland) that are both Government-funded research and innovation initiatives. They make available the advanced resources and IP of the leading researchers in big data in the cloud and the analytics of this data using valuable innovative algorithms which give our platform a unique toolset, delivering a significant advantage in this area.

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This innovative platform, and the research partnership and toolkits that come with membership, bring significant commercial benefits for both the customer and the channel partner. 4propery provides the channel partner with an advanced commercial portal that facilitates listings / properties being entered once and then exported using our MLS platform to many sites and portals. Operators also get a graphical view on demand of what the applicants are searching for. The customer gets the benefit of searching with the latest technology innovations but also with an easy-to-use, friendly interface which they can browse on multiple devices and with ease. Newspapers were traditionally the only media channel available in which the real estate market

could promote its stock of available properties. Promotion has mostly gone online for obvious reasons. In a lot of markets, the newspapers did not challenge or did not have the tool or platform to counter the real estate portals’ entry into their territories. Print-only publishers have become marginalised by the first movers in national and international property portals, but now the best possible platform is available as a white knight that will complement their strengths of promotion and local market knowledge and relationships. The markets that are still serviced by print are in consistent, rapid decline and to not adopt and embrace the latest technology is clearly unsustainable. The only exceptions to this trend are where an online portal has complemented the

print publication with an online offering. This strategic pairing can allow print media to compete with other real estate portals that have entered their market and established a foothold in the online real estate classified market, delivering an invigorated business model and an instantly renewed sales pipeline. 4pm has been creating highly successful, high profile real estate portals and real estate property websites for 15 years. With the advent of the mobile revolution a decision was taken to invest heavily in updating and normalising all of our database architecture, systems and experience. We have built a new platform that is mobile first and far more flexible to meet the changing needs of a rapidly changing market and demanding customer base.


At 4property we create new business opportunities for Channel Partners, Realtors and Associations and also Government

At 4property we offer access to a substantial, proven business opportunity and revenue model for channel partners from every country. Our ideal channel partner is an established publisher with existing relationships within their national real estate association. We deliver an integrated, global marketing platform and networking support services, that allow our channel partners, realtors and associations to market themselves and their listings worldwide. At 4property, we offer a multilingual solution with global reach. Our clients use 4property services to promote and translate listings, build business networks and search for properties that meet client criteria across geographic and cultural borders.

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Our latest work

Here are a few examples of work completed by our design team in the Real Estate realm. Our graphic designers create a sophisticated, professional and easy to use websites.

4 Channel Partners

Position your company as the local link to an entire world of real estate buyers with 4property

Position your publishing company as the local link to an entire world of real estate buyers with 4property. At 4property, we have developed a new cloud portal, big data, matrix platform where our channel partners can promote and commercialise this opportunity. 4property delivers immediate local impact and also takes advantage of our network to link into the entire world of real estate buyers and local advertisers. Our localisation tool instantly translates listings into any language and any currency to reach multicultural buyers. Even if you don’t speak their language, we have created the stage. We are offering your publishing company something that is sharp, unique and innovative, but also very practical so that it will fit efficiently with your current business. At 4property, our priority and goal is to give your company the tools to be the

No1 real estate offering in your country or sales territory. We can provide the platform to increase your business exposure and income by licensing you the property portal software that will deliver new lines of business. 4property is cloud / web based and globally accessible information solution that will provide a significant social and economic benefit. Using our property portal software, you will be able to quickly and easily access a deeper understanding of relevant data trends. 4property provides an innovative, online search engine of real estate listings, which are deliverable into any PC, laptop or mobile device. This is contained within a comprehensive and integrated cloud infrastructure for the storage, searching, design and production of high quality classified data. Stand out from the competition, capture more listings with 4property.

Multicultural buyers


A new international TV channel focused on the $400BN global property market, private wealth, luxury and travel. Launching in 2015.

4 Realtors

Join thousands of estate agents partnering with 4Property

Join the thousands of real estate agents partnering with 4property. No need to reinvent the wheel. We can integrate any design into our advanced platform or we can deliver a tailored bespoke solution. We have award-winning designers but we are also happy to work with any design house / service provider. We offer a unique platform and genuinely global marketing reach. Benefit from our specialist property portal software and marketing

platform by enquiring today. Specialist property portal software and marketing platform by enquiring today. We are leaders in property portal software delivery. Our team uses latest design trends to develop fully responsive websites and we structure our sites for optimal SEO to get ranked by the search engines. The benefits of our technologies include fast loading pageviews, better viewer engagement, higher traffic, more quality

leads. We have developed flexible and customisable searches. We use the deliberate and systematic process of gathering information and data about current and potential visitors, demand analysis. Defining the demand is an important step that realtors should take to be successful. It will help you to develop effective strategies to promote and sell your property to as many potential customers as possible.


Proven Delivery

  • Detailed development and research of the product architecture and marketplace for secure, scalable property management and advertising.

  • Development of a vision and a business plan that has directed the business.

  • Securing negotiations with key partners: in-market distributors, marketing partners, and consultancy partners that are key to engaging and delivering the development of a vision and a business plan that has directed the business 4property's market.

  • Evaluation of third party application and hardware providers as part of accelerating the best of breed technology strategy for the assembly of 4property's offering.

  • Launch and maintenance of the corporate website, at, as a key component of the marketing strategy to support the above activities.

  • Design and creation of detailed demonstration software to support the above activities.

4 Associations

Representing the real estate industry

4property is offering any real estate industry national association the complete platform for all of their members to come together and create their own industry trade portal or MLS. With 15 years’ experience, we have the knowledge and the technology to deliver the platform which can quickly achieve market-leading property portal position for our channel partners. An industry association must have control of its data and ensure realistic pricing for both industry members and their clients. Our software delivers.

National Associations


Multiple listings service

A multiple listing service (MLS) is a platform and suite of services or a facility for the orderly correlation and dissemination of listing data information. A multiple listing service's database and software is used by real estate brokers to syndicate available listings to multiple websites.

The MLS can also widely share information about properties with other brokers who may represent potential buyers or wish to cooperate with a seller's broker in finding a buyer for the property. Our platform facilitates the import and export of data.

multiple listing service

4 Government

Social economic macro planning tool

The National Spatial Strategy Platform (NSSP) module is a matrix of data representing both supply and demand, supplemented by all data available that would support decision making for short- and long-term planning. The NSSP aims to achieve a better balance of social, economic and physical development in a country, supported by

more effective and informed planning. It's about people and their basic needs of real estate and social and utility services. Making the most of our cities, towns and rural places to bring a better spread of opportunities, better quality of life and better places in which we can live fuller lives. Substantial progress has been made at national

level in implementing the Strategy, which is having an increasing influence on policies and programmes across a number of Government departments and agencies. Having the right information so that proper planning can be executed is central to delivering the most effective and efficient use of national resources.

social economic macro planning tool


We have assembled an Executive Team which has already proven its effectiveness in creating a unique vision and associated innovative strategies and plans.

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