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WP Property Drive Agents

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WP Property Drive Agents is an add-on plugin for WP Property Drive. It allows administrators and estate agents to create team profiles, and display them as columns, carousels or single pages. It also allows for details such as role, position, phone number, email, dedicated contact form, own properties, LinkedIn profile and more.

Moreover, the plugin offers digital card functionality. The statistics are built and displayed using the 4Leads plugin.

Digital Business
Card Solution

4Property’s Agent Card is a digital business card solution. It combines the advantages of online marketing with a traditional business card. Your business profile, branding, contacts details, website, and social media links are all in the one place on your Agent Card.

It is an innovative technology that is new to Ireland.

The technology is advanced but easy to use. Sharing and forwarding of your Agent Card can be done through instant messaging – text and WhatsApp, by email, through the use of the card’s QR code, and through email contact file (VCF).

What are PixelCards?

Create a truly personalised landing page connected to all your existing channels and offerings. Bring your content to your fans and bring your brand to life. Share everything with one easy link. You can build it today.

How can you use it?

🫶 Share all your links with fans — 🎨 Customise your design — 🧱 Insert WordPress blocks and — elements — 🛍️ Sell digital products — 🔨 Build your brand — 🤝 Connect to your community — 🌱 Grow your audience — 👯‍♀️ Turn followers into fans — 🚥 Analyse your traffic

A business card you keep on your phone — The digital business card solution for iPhone and Android users.

PixelCard is Your Digital Identity

Meet PixelCard

PixelCard is a digital business card solution. It combines the advantages of online marketing with a traditional business card. Your business profile, branding, contacts details, website, and social media links are all in the one place on your PixelCard.

PixelCard Digital Identity is a real-time portable technology that enables you to connect your personal identity with anyone, anywhere in the world and to conduct business with them, all from a single platform.

In a world where instant information sharing is common place, PixelCard Digital Identity integrates seamlessly with cross-platform instant messaging applications such as SMS, email, and WhatsApp to expand and grow your corporate and personal identity branding.

PixelCard is the new trend for exchanging business cards using a modern digital experience to engage with your contacts and enhance your business 24/7/365.


Access PixelCard 24/7/365 and never be without your PixelCard Digital Identity.


Connect to sales, marketing, social and rich media links at the touch of a button.


Update content on PixelCard in real-time, using a friendly WordPress interface.


Save contacts seamlessly and automatically into your mobile contact base at the touch of a button.


Receive simple, readable, integrated analytics and reporting for your PixelCard.


Use your PixelCard Digital Identity to communicate products, prices, and promotions, and do business from one place!


Professionally create digital business cards with your company details and contact information.

  • Profile picture/avatar
  • Company logo
  • Company branding and colour scheme
  • Unlimited shares
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Lead generating form
  • SEO-friendly links
  • Business address
  • Video, audio, dynamic content
  • Analytics reports
  • QR code
  • VCF contact details
  • Social media links
  • No ads


You can interact with colleagues and clients at the touch of a button


You can save one tree for each 100 business cards you share digitally


Easy to use and understand

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is WP Property Drive Agents + 4Leads?
A: A digital business card solution.

Q: What is WP Property Drive Agents + 4Leads?
Your estate agent profile, branding, contact information, website, and social media links all stored in one place.

Q: What is WP Property Drive Agents + 4Leads?
Accessible on your phone (Android and Apple), your tablet, laptop and/or computer – on any device where you have an internet connection.

Q: What is WP Property Drive Agents + 4Leads?
A secure online marketing tool that is reliable and straightforward to use.

Q: What is WP Property Drive Agents + 4Leads?
An environmentally friendly way of promoting your estate agency.

Q: What does WP Property Drive Agents + 4Leads offer?
It transforms your paper business card into a mobile digital identity which can be taken anywhere in the world 24/7.

Q: What does WP Property Drive Agents + 4Leads offer?
It facilitates simple sharing of your digital business card with colleagues, clients, prospective clients and leads. It also improves your business’s Google ranking – card buttons are linked to your company website.

Q: What does WP Property Drive Agents + 4Leads offer?
It provides valuable analytics in the form of monthly reports which give direct visibility of card usage and website interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use PixelCard?
PixelCard can be exchanged digitally and at 1:1 meetings. Meeting 1:1 is the only opportunity to hand over a business card. Nearly 90% of all business cards are literally dumped within one week of being handed over. PixelCards, once saved to contacts, are locked in digitally.

Can I change personal and contact details?
Yes. All information on the card is flexible and can be changed the same as any other digital content.

Is it only my personal contact details that are sent?
PixelCards can contain marketing information, calls to action or key messages as part of a campaign. They can also contain personal contact details, business contact details, and more. These interactions can be tracked and analysed for impact and effect.

How can PixelCard help with lead generation?
It’s never been easier for your contact base to share your marketing and contact information with their own database using PixelCard. And you will be able to count how many times your card is shared.

How many PixelCards can my agency use?
An unlimited amount of cards, for example 100 people could be using their own cards 500 times in one year which would equal 500,000 brand visibility opportunities for the company.

Why Agent Cards?

What is a Digital Agent Business Card?

A digital agent business card places your business in the palm of your customer’s hand. It allows instant connectivity with just a click of a button.

How does a digital agent business card work, and what are its benefits?

A digital card is an essential business tool. Through innovative technology, we blend the advantages of online marketing with a traditional business card.

A digital agent business card allows you to:

  1. Digitalise your hard copy business card to take you virtually anywhere in the world 24/7.
  2. Customise your digital business card to create a personal experience for your customers.
  3. Create instant lead generation through networking.
  4. Segment your customer base.
  5. Actively engage your customers with a targeted and specialised online marketing campaign.
  6. Follow-up prospects quickly and build your network easily and efficiently.
  7. Update business details and campaigns with just one click.
  8. Review the effectiveness of your sales team and identify the most effective networkers and sales team performers.
  9. Track who is receiving your card.
  10. Modify programs to improve performance.

A digital agent business card allows for all this and so much more, with instant results.
This is integrated marketing like no other. Get connected today!



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