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WordPress Daft API Integration

As one of Ireland’s leading developers of estate agent WordPress websites, 4Property is delighted to be able to bring a groundbreaking native API integration to Irish property professionals. This lightweight integration is fast, responsive, and flexible. Forget tedious double-entering property details on your own website and Daft with our industry-leading API website integration.

Auctioneers who use to list their properties have all the details entered on the website already and do not want the hassle of having to type it all in again on their own website, or updating two sets of details once a property is sold or rented.

All your active listings are shown on your website, including photos, without you having to enter them twice and your clients have a powerful search tool.

Keep a sold portfolio on your website, after archiving the properties on Daft.

To get running, you simply enter your API key, set up some quick settings, and then you can use our supplied template pages or just enter our short codes to your own pages. You can have your site showing all your listings within 5 minutes.

Daft API Integration
Daft API Integration

Dual Integration

Feature extra property details on your website with dual API integration.

Dual Integration with Daft API Integration

The API doesn’t allow all the details of your listings to be accessed by websites, so to overcome this, we’re proud to offer a dual integration where the bulk of your content is loaded directly from the Daft API. For any missing content, such as 3D walkthroughs, videos, and other rich content, simply append the listings in your Dashboard.

Full Daft API Integration Support

Our multidisciplinary creative team comprises designers, developers and digital marketers.

Full Support for Daft API Integration

Our 4Property team have your back throughout the API integration process, and with a range of simple, ongoing support options, they can be there for you when you need them.

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