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Supernova Changelog

Table of Contents



  • Add a blank page template
  • Add custom CSS per post/page
  • Do not display the custom CSS panel for anything other than posts, pages, properties and FAQs
  • Only load CodeMirror styles on the Supernova settings page


  • Fix missing global border radius for the Media & Text block
  • Add dark editor style support (inactive)
  • Update Supernova Aside block styles
  • Update Gravity Forms currency filter to switch EUR symbol position
  • Remove missing color from Thin UI
  • Delete legacy supernova_contact_form and supernova_valuation_form shortcodes

6.1.2 (cumulative)

  • Fix mobile responsiveness for the testimonials carousel slides
  • Fix undefined elements when using the Aside feature
  • UI fixes for navigation, testimonials and body content
  • Remove box sizing property from Thin UI
  • Only allow administrators to have author pages
  • Allow the landing page template to be applied to both posts and pages
  • Change Media & Text variation to use box-shadow instead of a pseudo-element
  • Refactor the testimonial carousel
  • Increase footer font size
  • Increase mobile breakpoint from 320 to 480 (devices are getting higher resolution)
  • Add equal height functionality for buttons, testimonials and more
  • Add a Google Rating badge shortcode and a new Google Places API option
  • Add options for setting title (H1) alignment and border style
  • Add core block extends
  • Add logo options to override the Customizer
  • Add design presets (alpha)


  • Fix issue with content width being overridden in WordPress 6.3
  • Fix broken WordPress thumbnail image for non-property content
  • Add block extends and lay out the foundation for more
  • Add missing author box when the post template has a sidebar
  • Clean up the Aside block and prepare to deprecate and remove
  • Improve author box layout
  • Improve author template
  • Improve category badges on blog layouts
  • Update Thin UI to latest version (2.1.1)
  • Remove old code


  • Add ARIA label to menus for accessibility
  • Add ARIA label to the side panel for accessibility
  • Add ARIA label to mobile menus for accessibility
  • Remove the “Read more” link from blog articles for a better “best practices” score
  • Remove AddThis integration
  • Replace all instances of “Reusable Block” with “Pattern” for WordPress 6.3 compatibility
  • Remove transient caching from the latest articles block
  • Merge side panel JS for better performance
  • Tweak regular (not relaxed) navigation layout
  • Make sure Yoast’s breadcrumbs are enabled before displaying them
  • Improve the Snackbar with layouts and themes
  • Update Thin UI to latest version (2.1.0)
  • Add theme support for the latest block editor (WordPress 6.3)
  • Add native Gravity Forms integration
  • Add an available shortcode lister feature for developers


  • Add a count-up feature for numerical values
  • Add slide count for the testimonial carousel


  • Expand footer colour options (add text, link and hover options)
  • Tweak primary navigation to eliminate some gaps
  • Make the blog post author box optional
  • Remove hardcoded list font size for the Side Panel module


  • Change Snackbar position to be hidden completely, regardless of the content


  • Fix colour well field when WP Property Drive is not present
  • Add author schema for blog posts
  • Add Thin UI to Supernova’s back-end
  • Make sure the header colour is inherited by the “above-menu” reusable block
  • Only remove emojis if not in the Dashboard
  • Allow Reusable Blocks menu item to be visible when WP Property Drive is not present
  • Check if Supernova Aside exists before attaching an event listener


  • Add new above-menu block for more menu/navigation customizability
  • Add custom theme updater
  • Introduce a Masonry layout for testimonials based on Stackgrid JS
  • Update Flexbin and LightGalleryJS
  • Remove cinematic property hero from Supernova (moved to WP Property Drive)
  • Remove old Git Updater functions


  • Remove the Secondary Pipes menu
  • Clean up all Secondary Pipes setup actions
  • Remove the forced testimonials module activation


  • Fix Flexbin gallery
  • Add navigation spacing option (regular or relaxed)
  • Add new full width navigation option
  • Add 2 new custom fonts
  • Suppress notices and messages from WooCommerce and Jetpack


  • Add option to switch testimonials on/off
  • Add preconnect rule for Google Fonts
  • Remove obsolete block editor button variations
  • Code refactoring (WPCS)


  • 4Leads Fix missing thumbnails for the category taxonomy and the article grids
  • Fix homepage query loop
  • Add :focus-visible to main menu to complement the :focus pseudo-selector
  • Add support for Gutenberg’s appearance tools
  • Use a variable for the login URL


  • Fix list items in the property brochure template
  • Remove the user restriction module and move to separate client module


  • Add option to switch to menu click display instead of menu hover display
  • Add user restriction module (useful for membership websites)
  • Minify main stylesheet


  • Add author template for SEO purposes (alpha)
  • Add author meta details to the singular.php post template
  • Add column gap for the sidebar post template
  • Merge all reusable block (wp_block) queries for performance reasons
  • Remove linked testimonial property (never used)
  • Remove bottom padding from the logo

5.9.5 (cumulative)

  • Update property-brochure-template-2.php
  • Add wrap--content class to constrain full-width elements to content width
  • Add property sidebar block pattern
  • Change property sidebar block pattern viewport width
  • Fix missing SVG images in the Dashboard


  • Remove related posts functionality due to PHP issues with similar_text()
  • Add Font Awesome 5 CSS for non-property websites
  • Add optional AddThis sharing buttons integration (for blog posts only)
  • Add property brochure template (beta)
  • Fix Dashboard menu icon size


  • Add center alignment for main navigation
  • Add configurable highlighted button background colour
  • Add presets feature (beta)
  • Remove alpha version of colour presets
  • Fix Dashboard SVG logo
  • Fix Supernova menu item SVG size
  • Remove old, unused styles, interfering with some plugins


  • Add new header navigation options and better Flex CSS UI
  • Add new Supernova branding
  • Add new “Related Articles” feature
  • Tweak z-index for side panel to avoid overlapping issues
  • Change footer message to avoid copyright issues


  • Fix issue with undefined font size and weight
  • Add missing text colour for the Enterprise Blue #1 preset


  • Add custom link and link hover colours
  • Refactor header navigation styles


  • Fix full alignment for Gutenberg 12.8+
  • Add color well feature to non-WP Property Drive websites (Supernova only)
  • Register Supernova pattern category


  • Fix typo(s) and improve readme.txt description
  • Fix WooCommerce templates indentation
  • Add Changelog and Shortcodes buttons to Supernova’s Welcome panel
  • Add new Wiki links to Supernova’s Help panel
  • Update WPCS ruleset
  • Remove unused parameters from several shortcodes
  • Remove unused shortcodes
  • Remove WordPress ESLint rules


  • Remove email custom post type

5.7.15 (cumulative)

  • Fix responsive issue with percentage buttons
  • Remove related products from WooCommerce single product template


  • Fix button wrapping on really small screen sizes

5.7.12 (cumulative)

  • Add default styling for [areas] shortcode
  • Add “eye-candy” features (momentum scrolling and follow cursor)
  • Add a wrap class to the nav inside the header reusable block
  • Replace sanitize_uri() with trim() to avoid fatal AJAX errors
  • Amend WooCommerce templates to work with no widgets/sidebar
  • Close div element and re-indent code


  • Add WPCS (WordPress Coding Standards) ruleset
  • Add faceted search
  • Add Cascadia Code font for faceted search results
  • Add new Help tab with a few shortcodes
  • Add status parameter to area and county taxonomies
  • Remove block patterns (too early and unused)
  • Remove unused timeline images
  • Remove potential PHP 8+ issue with vsprintf()
  • Improve Supernova back-end UI
  • Code refactoring (WPCS)


  • Fix undefined variable
  • Add WooCommerce template support
  • Blog UI tweaks


  • Add property county taxonomy support for WP Property Drive


  • Add New Developments class to body
  • Avoid reading theme files to get the version number


  • Add readme.txt for compliance with
  • Remove unused option
  • Remove old code and combine all header/footer related actions


  • Fix testimonials responsiveness

5.7.4 (cumulative)

  • Remove old SA resource hint
  • Add landing page template for posts
  • Fix .alignwide class
  • Add support for block templates (FSE)
  • Add better support for Yoast SEO breacrumbs
  • Add post views count to pages


  • Remove agents (CPT) and recommended plugins

5.7.2 (cumulative)

  • Remove old, unused code
  • Remove block support for widgets
  • Update block_categories_all filter name for WordPress 5.8
  • Update testimonial blocks
  • Remove extra styling for the Snackbar buttons
  • Add Jetpack Offline Mode toggle
  • Minimize the Supernova Aside by default
  • Update Git Updater override filter
  • Preconnect to
  • Add property area taxonomy title for SEO


  • Fix missing stylesheet for agent post type


  • Fix issue with block dependencies being enqueued on front-end
  • Add header template options (alpha)
  • Remove FLoC prevention temporarily as it might be enabled natively in WordPress
  • Update Supernova description
  • Move Agents functionality to the plugin
  • Clean up and minify admin styles
  • Change Dashboard icon
  • Only enqueue scripts and styles when needed


  • Add new lead-generating pop-up element
  • Add button block styles (currently “small” and “fat” buttons)
  • Fix Google Fonts being enqueued twice when headings and body text have the same font


  • Refactor Google Fonts to not require an API key (?)
  • Implement CSS variables in more places (?)
  • Move custom CSS to a separate file to remove inline CSS (?)
  • Refactor JS to use event delegation instead of event listeners
  • Refactor header navigation to use Flexbox CSS
  • CSS: Remove all vendor prefixes
  • CSS: Remove all floats


  • Remove page-highlight.php template
  • Move agents to WP Property Drive as it makes more sense to have the CPT there
  • Improve mobile responsiveness
  • Fix dropdown Unicode arrow issue on MacOS – example here
  • Use event delegation instead of event listening
  • Pass data to template files in WordPress 5.5


  • Add external stylesheets à la Codepen
  • Remove widgets
  • Clean up Settings page -> Dashboard
  • Move “Timeline” feature to a custom plugin (Coonan)
  • Check for links inside contact message


  • Remove own GitHub updater code (PDUpdater)
  • Remove Google reCAPTCHA (implement SendGrid Email Validation API + Honeypot statistics)
  • Remove Supernova referral form (unused)
  • Improve mobile responsiveness for homepage


  • Remove “Inline Search Form” feature (MKProperty) and replace with a reusable block
  • Clean up and tweak side panel and side drawer UI
  • Refactor more JS to event delegation and ES6
  • Move browser detection to PHP from JS to speed up script start-up time


  • Allow oEmbeds for YouTube videos
  • Implement a module loader
  • Remove mobile-widget-below-menu and replace with a reusable block


  • Add notice about the forced white navigation only being applied to landing pages (might break some sites) (requires manual action)
  • Add option to remove padding from the floated navigation menu (new padded navigation option on by default) (requires manual action)
  • Add option to set a post template (“Has Sidebar”) and a post sidebar reusable block (Supernova -> Design -> Post Sidebar Reusable Block)
  • Integrate with GitHub Updater by implementing this fix. GitHub Updater (reportedly) works for the WordPress 5.5 auto-update feature.
  • Performance: Remove WordPress 5.5 Core Block Patterns
  • Change side drawer to use a reusable block (GORHomes) (requires manual action)
  • Update side drawer to ES6
  • Update side drawer to include a “Close” button
  • Update side drawer to be responsive and fill the screen on mobile devices
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