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Crafted by 4Property.

WP Property Drive Changelog


  • Fix “Let Agreed” label override
  • Fix typo in option name
  • 4Bids Fix offer removal and withdrawal
  • 4Bids Change order of messages on document upload
  • 4Bids Add public offers option (per property)
  • Add new property card template (Hittite)
  • Add new property attributes bar
  • Add new full width parameter to property grid
  • Add class to CF9 form
  • Add header type to the CLI endpoint
  • Add property type and size to the single property elegant attributes block
  • Strip tabs from property price to fix POA (Price on Application)
  • Remove old post meta condition that would never be met
  • Clean up old post meta
  • UI improvements


  • Add Light Gallery carousel and refactor the cinematic hero
  • Add BER number to the property brochure page


  • Add new overseas/NI property import option
  • Open CRON importers in a new tab
  • Rename “Open Viewings” to “Upcoming Viewings”
  • Remove old importer functionality and corresponding UI

3.7.4 (cumulative)

  • Fix property description parsing
  • Fix property tours showing empty array items
  • Fix property market for Acquaint CRM properties (via importer)
  • Fix image saving for locked properties
  • Fix source/office parameter for the property grid
  • Add the Action Scheduler library
  • Add caching for property types and areas (Portal feature)
  • Add open viewings to the [cf9] form shortcode
  • Add option to show acres as meters (for non-Irish websites)
  • Add viewing details to [cf9]
  • Add Codacy style specifications
  • Add developer view to the property brochure page with feed details
  • Add configurable height for mobile carousels
  • Add property source and API key custom meta fields to each property
  • Add Acquaint CRM importer to the CRON list
  • Move hash/checksum check to Portal settings
  • Use alternative wording for “Has Been Let” (optional)
  • Change plugin version in the Setup section
  • Change date() to current_datetime()
  • Tidy up the Acquaint CRM integration panel
  • Multi-agent feature: Allow property post type to be visible in the Dashboard
  • Allow removal of old property viewings
  • Remove autocomplete from the minimum bid to fix an isolated bug
  • Remove unused function
  • Update codebase (WPCS)


  • Add QR code to posts, pages and properties
  • 4Bids Flag 4Bids properties in the user approval dropdown
  • 4Bids Show all “For Sale/Auction” properties in the user approval dropdown
  • 4Bids Restrict latest offers to verified bidders of each property
  • Add Property Drive API key as importer parameter in order to initiate the process externally
  • Add importer API endpoint for external CRON jobs
  • Add new portal settings page
  • Add property hash/checksum to improve the import process
  • Add MyHome importer
  • Add custom CRON job viewer
  • Add Acquaint CRM importer
  • Add extra property types and speed up non-paginated grids
  • Add internal endpoint for externally triggered CRON jobs
  • Remove unused code from the property importer
  • Remove assigned single property from the Vendor user role
  • Remove unused comment
  • Remove deprecated Tours post meta and fix wppd_pics array in the property API
  • Remove old CSS selectors
  • Remove unused columns (temporarily)
  • Delete detail_images_array property meta (string) in favour of wppd_pics array
  • Make sure wppd_pics is always an array
  • Improve initial Property Drive feed connection
  • Improve property removal loop by checking for attachments before attempting to delete them
  • Improve the property card function by not checking for Tours/Videos on every iteration
  • Limit linked properties to 128 to improve single property query performance
  • Clean up the property grid loop
  • Clean up and refactor the search form to allow for faster processing of areas and locations
  • Clean up admin pages
  • Clean up API importer endpoint
  • Various fixes for the Reapit XML importer
  • Various fixes for the Daft importer
  • Fix undeclared variable if no parameters are set
  • Fix undeclared variable
  • Fix null variable
  • Sanitize more fields on import
  • Update codebase (WPCS)

3.6.9 (cumulative)

  • Remove /docs/ from GitHub’s gh-pages branch and use the local knowledge base
  • Remove brochure media styles (used for the blocks template)
  • Remove the blocks property template (media tabs)
  • Remove obsolete Markdown files
  • Add primary image as a data parameter
  • Filter featured image for properties to return the primary image
  • Change order of sharing icons
  • Add login URL plugin recommendation
  • Add default login URL as /4login/
  • Add Social Sharing Block plugin recommendation
  • 4Bids Update outbid email
  • 4Bids Add User-to-Contact converter
  • 4Bids Fix variable indentation
  • 4Bids Fix 4Bids meta box being displayed regardless of 4bids status
  • 4Bids Add a new _bidding_invoiced meta key to all properties to store 4Bids invoicing status


  • Add asynchronous decoding to all Property Drive images
  • Combine all activation/deactivation hooks for faster plugin activation
  • Change search results for area (switch from meta query to taxonomy query)
  • 4Bids Implement 4Bids watching (better functionality, beta)
  • 4Bids Remove H3 styling (use native)
  • 4Bids Move obsolete PlanetVerify settings to own tab
  • 4Bids Update codebase (WPCS)
  • 4Bids Remove bookmarks feature (watched properties)
  • 4Bids Remove global sale watching and replaced with per-user permissions
  • Add simple agent details for the custom property brochure template
  • Add custom styles for the custom property template


  • Attempt to fix HTML entities being decoded by email clients
  • Fix missing strings from
  • Remove custom welcome email feature
  • Add “Better Notifications for WP” as a recommended plugin
  • Add all meta boxes in one call in includes/meta.php
  • 4Bids Add pending 4Bids applications on the property back-end page
  • 4Bids Remove unused variables
  • 4Bids Hide WordPress’ native user role from the user editor screen
  • Implement date-from parameter for the property grid


  • 4Leads Fix WordPress 6.0 overriding display type for blocks
  • Fix Reapit schedule not showing properly in the options dropdown
  • Add missing date_created and date_modified fields for Reapit (XML) importer
  • Add empty property_market attribute to fix missing properties (alpha)
  • Add Daft commercial property types based on property_type_id
  • Capitalize property type and subtype (living type)
  • Update changelog URL


  • 4Bids Fix font size for 4Bids offer box
  • Fix z-index of collaborative map (property map)
  • Fix undefined bid author in some rare occasions
  • Enable Contacts module for property alerts as an experiment only
  • 4Bids Add smart options for 4Bids
  • Add persona, market, IP address and source to contact meta
  • Add alpha tabs for active experiments (Labs) and CRON jobs
  • Update Leaflet to latest version (1.8.0)
  • Update codebase (WPCS)


  • Add custom list of property living types
  • Remove broken emojis in WordPress 6.0
  • Remove broken Reply-To header with comma-separated list of email addresses
  • 4Bids Remove unused 4Bids heartbeat action
  • Update WordPress compatibility
  • Update codebase (WPCS)


  • Check if WP Property Drive is installed before checking it via cli.php
  • Check for empty DistrictName before importing it
  • Add configurable date_modified field for properties
  • Add property type parameter to the simple property map shortcode
  • Change recommended plugins to external, instead of pre-packaged
  • Update simple property map leaflet popup style
  • Remove LeafletJS source code files
  • Remove hardcoded changelog
  • Remove Parsedown library
  • Update codebase (WPCS)


  • Add option to show price for inactive (Sold, Let) properties
  • Add new property brochure image gallery (Grid)
  • Allow multiple email recipients for 4Bids notifications
  • Updated WordPress compatibility
  • Update codebase (WPCS)


  • Fix undefined function (removed in a previous release)
  • Fix old search form shortcode
  • 4Bids Fix public sale watching
  • Add check for elements before adding class to prevent a JavaScript console error
  • Add new property brochure grid gallery (Beta)
  • Add multiple counties parameter (instead of only one) to the property grid shortcode
  • Update codebase (WPCS)


  • Fix PHP tag in HTML code
  • Fix issue with string-to-array conversion in PHP 8.1
  • Fix deprecated default function parameter in PHP 8.1
  • Fix PHP notice for missing property market
  • Fix counting an INT value
  • Add SendGrid API key to the Help section/tab
  • Add new Reapit XML integration and settings page
  • Rename settings page to comply to WPCS
  • Rename setup page to comply to WPCS
  • Improve responsiveness of the classic property carousel
  • Create a unique wppd_setup_custom_schedules() function for all importers
  • Remove logging feature (incomplete)
  • Remove unused logging function(s) and table(s)
  • Remove properties from “At a Glance” section on Dashboard
  • Remove duplicate CRON schedules for Daft and Rightmove
  • Remove unused file(s)
  • Update codebase (WPCS)


  • Override WordPress 5.9 which breaks the Flickity slider (again, only for the slider)


  • Override WordPress 5.9 max-width: 100%; which breaks the Flickity slider


  • 4Bids Add more checks to the 4Bids checklist
  • Optimise images for size
  • Remove email custom post type and replace with a simple counter
  • Customise login details email
  • Delete unused (or redundant) assets
  • Delete
  • Delete unused code


  • Fix documentation typo
  • 4Bids Add extra details to the 4Bids setup checklist
  • Add missing email trigger for user T&C agreement
  • Remove automated Lighthouse footer link for new websites only
  • Clean up old (commented out) code
  • Update codebase (WPCS)
  • Ignore object properties naming conventions from Property Drive feed


  • Fix double property type for Reapit
  • Add land size to Land properties
  • Add plugin suggestions for welcome email editors
  • Add as a property tour provider
  • Add new Contacts feature (alpha)
  • 4Bids Improve back-end UI
  • 4Bids Add brand colours to 4Bids badges and buttons
  • 4Bids Add T&Cs on registration
  • 4Bids Add missing Euro sign from offer confirmation
  • 4Bids Refactor verification screen (back-end)
  • Update codebase (WPCS)
  • Remove unused WPCS (Coding Standards) checks


  • Fix properties with no coordinates
  • Fix issue with location search when no location is present
  • Fix permission issue for single sites (as opposed to multisites)
  • Fix Supernova Slider for not parsing button styles (WordPress 5.9)
  • Remove extra div from metabox
  • Do not downsize legacy carousel images
  • Add specific “Let Agreed” option to replace “Has Been Let”
  • Add simple property map feature (use [property-map-simple] shortcode)
  • Add date_created to property editor
  • Add WPCS ruleset
  • Update codebase (WPCS)
  • Add single location autocomplete search field
  • Add minimum price parameter to property grid
  • Add “order by price then by status” option to real-time search
  • Add option to disable oEmbed parsing and avoid duplicate YouTube videos in property description
  • Add energy details to property brochure page
  • Add missing LeafletJS scripts
  • Optimise single property template by removing unused variables and DB queries
  • Improve [areas] shortcode to allow for more customization
  • Restrict access to post/page publishing for authors (beta)
  • Replace gmdate() with date() for timezone inclusion


  • 4Bids Fix properties not visible for author roles
  • 4Bids Add event log page (alpha)
  • 4Bids Add user notification message on User Profile page
  • 4Bids Create event log table on plugin activation and start logging various 4Bids events
  • 4Bids Better handle (catch) bidder notification errors (to be used with Sentry)
  • Add BER rating field to the Rightmove importer
  • Update Rightmove upload path to the new location
  • Tweak the moneysherpa UI and allow placement outside property template


  • Remove duplicate variable assignment
  • Add changelog section to plugin’s Settings screen
  • Clean up Integrations tab

3.5.2 (cumulative)

  • 4Bids Add additional 4Bids shortcodes for upcoming and completed auctions
  • Fix performance issues with the search form
  • Fix undefined query variable
  • Fix duplicate meta description on taxonomy pages
  • Add CRON debug for Rightmove
  • Add county and area as separate custom post meta for Rightmove
  • Add Beds and MaxPrice parameters to the [cf8] and [cf9] shortcodes for better Acquaint integration
  • Remove useless file (save one file request)


  • GDPR Change GDPR popup button justification to left
  • GDPR Change GDPR cookie to sitewide
  • GDPR Update GDPR notice UI
  • GDPR Tweak GDPR popup to not cover the entire screen
  • 4Bids Only show 4Bids charge notice if Billing is enabled
  • 4Bids Add further checks (Billing module and WHMCS ID) to 4Bids checklist
  • Fix property map (alpha)
  • Fix issue for non-Supernova websites
  • Fix missing table row
  • Move “My Settings” user tab to last position and rename it to “Settings”
  • Add block sidebar (ES5, pre-alpha)
  • Add searchable locations to
  • Add workaround for the block-based property template with non-Supernova websites
  • Add moneysherpa module (beta)
  • Add color contrast check for the moneysherpa widget
  • Add Lighthouse as a recommended helper plugin
  • Add property status class to the <article> element on the single property template
  • Clarify option check
  • Remove duplicate admin tab section
  • WordPress compatibility update
  • Update to latest version (0.5.22)
  • Downsize Digital Ocean-served images for property thumbnails

3.4.23 (cumulative)

  • Move “My Settings” user tab to last position and rename it to “Settings”
  • Add CLI file with version number and 4Bids module status


  • Fix issue with uninitialized function


  • Add hardcoded Slack notification for 4Bids properties


  • Change “bid” wording to “offer” to better reflect user actions


  • Move linked property to user Profile section


  • Security Redirect author, bidder and solicitor roles to a custom back-end page
  • Security Only show linked property for admins
  • Security Only show 4Bids settings for admins
  • Security Only show dataroom settings for admins
  • Security Only show warning(s) for admins
  • Security Remove Yoast SEO for non-admins for posts, pages and properties
  • Security Style all yes/no Dashicons uniformly throughout CORE and PRO
  • Security Remove unused content from docs
  • Security Update changelogs for WP Property Drive and Supernova (retroactively)


  • Clean up WordPress Dashboard for non-admin users
  • Finalize Rightmove importer (change from Alpha to Beta)


  • Add Dataroom alpha module
  • Add more options to Integrations & Modules
  • Add email class to sidebar (template parts)
  • Add email class to sidebar
  • Rightmove feed updates
  • Initialise new Yoast canonical option
  • Move Yoast hooks and filters to a separate file


  • 4Bids Only restrict access when 4Bids is enabled (not every time)


  • Add Rightmove importer (alpha)
  • Delete unused test files
  • 4Bids Enable restricted access for 4Bids-enabled sites

3.4.5 (cumulative)

  • Only update attachments for Property Drive properties (not manual, not custom, not Daft, not Rightmove)
  • Fix issue with wrong linked property date (reported by Phil Thompson)
  • Double-check property alerts database schema
  • Add rel=0 at the end of YouTube embed links and use the nocookie domain for all YouTube videos
  • Add column count to the property carousel parameter
  • Add property carousel
  • Add CRON debugger
  • Add new Billing section in WP Property Drive settings
  • 4Bids Add 4Bids -> WHMCS billing
  • Simplify property alert email sending process
  • Show property ID after description (optional)
  • Update WordPress compatibility
  • Refactor (test) some settings UI

3.4.4 (cumulative)

  • Implement custom single property template
  • Add initial files for Rightmove support
  • 4Bids Add approved properties to Users table
  • 4Bids Add bid ID to 4Bids API response
  • 4Bids Allow agents to delete bids
  • Allow changing number of properties per page for the real-time search
  • Remove ActiveCampaign from all Akismet calls
  • Remove required position field from CF9 form
  • Initialize several orphan options
  • Move some of Supernova property-related styles to WP Property Drive plugin
  • Change creation date to modification date for the real-time search
  • Tweak classic carousel margins
  • Fix issue with image/tour icons being overlapped

3.3.5 (cumulative)

  • 4Leads Add initial persona blocks CSS
  • 4Leads Add 4Leads weekly report
  • 4Leads Properly include 4Leads analytics
  • 4Leads Move vanilla-datatables dependency to local
  • 4Leads Change HTML structure to allow modal email popups
  • 4Leads Tweak 4Leads email table to behave more like a CRM
  • 4Bids Add phone to user registration
  • 4Bids Change the 4Bids agreement checkbox to read-only in the back-end
  • 4Bids Combine General 4Bids Settings and Legal Settings
  • 4Bids Refactor document uploads
  • 4Bids 4Bids UI/UX updates
  • 4Bids Add 4Bids Core Alpha
  • 4Bids Introduce 4Bids Core (Local) API
  • 4Bids Remove bid CPT and replace with custom table
  • 4Bids Fix undefined index for auctions
  • 4Bids Add Reply-To headers for all bidder emails
  • Fix and speed up latest properties shortcode
  • Fix rare issue with single property template not being loaded
  • Fix Google reCAPTCHA duplication when Contact Form 7 is installed
  • Fix search issue with metas and taxonomies
  • Fix issue with property type array
  • Fix issue with breaking out of current iteration instead of entire loop
  • Fix property alerts database not being available on activation
  • Fix accordion code
  • Fix missing HTML tag
  • Fix issue assigning reusable blocks to areas
  • Fix issue with new developments conflict with ignore parameter
  • Fix wrong label and fix saving primary image (back-end)
  • Fix property attributes (single property template) on small resolutions
  • Fix shortcode builder replaceAll()
  • Fix issue with author parameter being filtered out
  • Fix empty living type being overriden on property edit/save
  • Fix for auction groups (both status and selling type)
  • Change block_categories to block_categories_all for block filters
  • Back-end UI/UX improvements
  • Exclude password-protected properties from search
  • Exclude password-protected properties from search results
  • Exclude password-protected properties from property grid
  • Make position mandatory in [cf8] and [cf9]
  • Move legacy Agent CPT from Supernova into WP Property Drive and then into a custom functionality plugin
  • Performance Add lazy loading to slider videos (mp4 only)
  • Performance Update ui.css and load the minified one for production sites
  • Performance Implement lazy loading for the Flickity slider
  • Refactor Yelp Nearby and Foursquare Amenities modules
  • Update Git Updater requirements
  • Update search results property order
  • Update TGMPA class for PHP 8+
  • Add PRO version (alpha)
  • Add property sharing shortcode
  • Add office ID, name and address to properties on import
  • Add shortcode builder feature (alpha)
  • Add experimental block editor support or properties
  • Add custom property tour
  • Add custom property type workaround based on custom tag
  • Add basic GDPR consent form (jQuery-dependent, subject to modification)
  • Add Offr integration
  • Implement plugin auto update
  • Remove empty Property Alert CRON job
  • Remove draft properties count
  • Remove an extra line break
  • Remove duplicate variable declaration
  • Merge several Property Grid self-excluding parameters and remove an unused variable
  • Do not show property attributes (size, BER) if they are empty
  • Do not append Eircode number by default (make optional)


  • 4Bids: Facebook Live video (alpha)
  • 4Bids: Start modularizing code (FP)
  • Fix line breaks on import (beta)
  • Fix wrong type for textareas
  • Fix broken slide icon if Font Awesome is not loaded in the Dashboard
  • Add more in-plugin documentation for APIs, hooks and filters


  • Fix issue with property import being skipped (continue instead of return)


  • 4Bids Refactor guide/reserve/minimum price
  • Standardise property size retrieval
  • Add option to control full property size display (square meters + square feet) vs condensed display (square meters only, default)

  • 4Leads Move 4Leads to the Integrations section (instead of config constant)
  • 4Bids Add 4Bids config file creation (subject to Nginx/Apache permissions)
  • Add local brochures to properties
  • Add tours/videos to Flickity carousel
  • Refactor property tours/videos into a separate function
  • Add overrides for featured properties and (unlimited) property tours
  • Refactor Property Drive image import

  • Improve video/tour mobile responsiveness in Flickity carousel
  • Allow admin to unsubscribe property alert subscribers
  • Add importer ID to property alerts table and convert to utf8mb4
  • Add EyeSpy360 as tour provider
  • Add option to toggle the custom og:image fetching on or off
  • Update Flickity to 2.2.2


  • 4Leads Recreate database structure in
  • 4Leads Push parallel data to
  • 4Leads Create/migrate endpoint to read data
  • 4Leads Remove local leads database
  • Remove property views and use the 4Leads database
  • Add in-plugin documentation for reusable blocks and shortcodes
  • Refactor property alerts to use VanillaJS


  • Move CF8 to helpers.php
  • Refactor CF8 to use ES6
  • Move property alerts to core plugin


  • Re-add a custom quick contact form built using Google reCAPTCHA v3


  • Implement Contact Form 7 as a plugin dependency for quick enquiries and contact form
  • Remove unused sharing to friend feature
  • Add a price range for new developments
  • Add a unit size range for new developments
  • Remove property sidebar widgets and promote reusable blocks
  • Remove/consolidate duplicate property sidebar shortcodes
  • Remove own GitHub updater code (PDUpdater)
  • 4Leads: Remove external sa.js
  • 4Leads: Implement a configurable daily/weekly CRON job for properties
  • 4Leads: Add 4Leads requirements (basic)
  • 4Leads: Add scheduled events


  • Bug fixes


  • Deprecate integrated updater and use @afragen GitHub Updater
  • Refactor external featured image (for property CPT social sharing and Google SERP featured image)
  • Remove AJAX modal for the Map Navigator feature (too tricky to style, manage and maintain and also not good for SEO)
  • Add documentation/requirements for the new GitHub Updater
  • Add consistent shortcodes for the property sidebar reusable block
  • Add new “For Auction” status ribbon and colour
  • Fix issue with maximum price option being set, even if disabled
  • 4Bids: Add guide price and allow bid decrease
  • 4Bids: Allow custom bids (back-end)
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