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7 Reasons for Your Business to Use Social Networks

Social networking is now a crucial element for most Irish businesses as they offer a more interactive platform to engage with your consumers.
Cost efficiency – Social networks can generate greater exposure for your products and services in a cost efficient manner which allows smaller companies to compete on a more level playing field against their larger counterparts.
Authority – As well as being cost efficient social networks can allow you to display and position yourself as an authority in your industry, which gives your existing and potential customers the impression that they are dealing with a reputable business.



Viral potential – Social networks allow your message to reach a large audience, creating new fans and followers as well as sales prospects. To utilise this you need to ensure your content is relevant to the particular audience you are trying to engage. For example, real estate agents could post information and tips for first time buyers.
A more engaging communications platform – Social networks can add value to the company/consumer relationship, as they enable consumers to express themselves. This is beneficial to your company as you can quickly discover who is interested in your products or services. Additionally, customers can write about their positive experiences with your company (electronic word-of-mouth), which has been proven to positively influence other customers.
Commercial potential – Being able to subtly push your products/services through social networks raises awareness of your brand.
Reputation management – You have the ability to be part of the conversation to resolve any issues customers may have as well as having the ability to steer the conversation away from negatively into more positive directions.






Consumers who use Facebook and Google+ at least once a day, by age. (ROI, July, 2012)


(Source: Mintel)



As the table above suggests a significant proportion of the population use social networking sites daily.It is vital that your company is present on at least one, but preferably all of the largest eg. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube as well as maintaining a blog if possible.
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