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Acquaint – The best CRM option for you

Choosing the right CRM system for your business can be quite challenging. So why not choose one which is specifically developed for your needs?

Here at 4pm we offer Acquaint CRM, a Customer Relationship Management system which is specifically designed for auctioneers and estate agents. Here are a few reasons why we think Acquaint is so special.


1. Combines Sales, Lettings and Property Management in one software

You are already using a system but this system only deals with one aspect of your business i.e only deals with lettings and your company deals with sales and lettings. Therefore you need something which manages your whole workload and not just parts of it. With Acquaint you have everything stored in one place.

2. Server and Cloud based
It is up to you where exactly you want to store all the information. Some people prefer it on their server and some in the cloud, but the option is there.

3. Integrates with your outlook email
You need to add all the enquiries you are getting via mail in your CRM system.
There is no need for any extra work like this with Acquaint as every new enquiry that comes in will now be saved directly as a new contact.

4. You can access all your information from a smartphone or tablet

You find yourself doing business out of the office.Being able to access your CRM for customer contact details or addresses from your smartphone or tablet is one of the  many   handy features of Acquaint.


5. Fully compliant with the Regulator & BER Advertising guidelines

You don’t have to worry about new regulations. Acquaint adapts to all the changes in order to offer you a system which is always up-to-date!

6. Looks after the client accounts

Not only does Acquaint deal with the client account it also exports all the relevant data to accounting software and  your online banking.

7. Create brochures
Acquaint offers a very useful tool to create your Property brochures. You can then print or email these brochures to your prospective clients.

So there you have it. a few facts about the great CRM system Acquaint.


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