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Creating Customer Personas – A Guide for Irish Estate Agents

A guide on how to create customer personas to attract more vendors and landlords.

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What is a Persona?

Personas are fictional characters who represent a group of customers who share common traits.

This allows you to group your customers into segments e.g “Downsizing Derek” and tailor your communication to resonate with each segment.

Why are they Important?

Personas give you a focus on how to target your different types of customers.

  • Targeting: Personas help you identify your target market and those most likely to buy.
  • Content: Personas help you identify problems of each segment, to produce relevant content that resonates.
  • Focus: Personas allow you to focus on a core group of likely buyers, rather than trying to please everyone.
  • Lead Gen: Personas allow you to segment marketing communications, increasing their chance of engagement and becoming a lead.


Check out our step by step guide of how to create customer personas to attract more vendors and landlords here.

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