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Design Bricks Changelog

This is a weekly changelog for our Design Bricks bundle for estate agents (Supernova theme and WP Property Drive plugin).

This week we released version 5.6.3 of our Supernova theme and version 3.2.4 of our WP Property Drive plugin. These releases fix several import issues and several property description formatting issues.

Supernova 5.6.3

  • Feature: Add new lead-generating pop-up element
  • Feature: Add button block styles (currently “small” and “fat” buttons)
  • Fix: Fix Google Fonts being enqueued twice when headings and body text have the same font

WP Property Drive 3.2.4

  • 4Bids: Facebook Live video (alpha)
  • 4Bids: Start modularizing code (FP)
  • Fix: Fix line breaks on import (beta)
  • Fix: Fix wrong type for textareas
  • Fix: Fix broken slide icon if Font Awesome is not loaded in the Dashboard
  • Documentation: Add more in-plugin documentation for APIs, hooks and filters

We also have a brand new developer documentation section, still in progress, containing plugin functions, template functions, APIs, hooks and filters, tutorials, shortcodes, a detailed changelog and more.

Photo by Nina Mercado on Unsplash.

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