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Design Bricks Changelog (April)

This is a monthly changelog for our 4Sites bundle for estate agents (Supernova theme and WP Property Drive plugin). The changes below include January, February, March, and April updates.

This week, we gradually released version 5.6 of our Supernova theme and version of our WP Property Drive plugin. Among the new features, we have lots of small fixes, lots of performance improvements, better social sharing features and better image caching.

Other important updates include overrides for featured properties, property brochures, and property tours – add/edit them directly into WordPress (no need for the old Property Drive interface).

WP Property Drive 3.2

  • 4Leads: Move 4Leads to the Integrations section (instead of config constant)
  • 4Leads: Recreate database structure in
  • 4Leads: Push parallel data to
  • 4Leads: Create/migrate endpoint to read data
  • 4Leads: Remove local leads database
  • 4Leads: Remove property views and use the 4Leads database
  • 4Bids Add 4Bids config file creation (subject to Nginx/Apache permissions)
  • Feature: Add local brochures to properties
  • Feature: Add tours/videos to Flickity carousel
  • Feature: Refactor property tours/videos into a separate function
  • Feature: Add overrides for featured properties and (unlimited) property tours
  • Feature: Allow admin to unsubscribe property alert subscribers
  • Feature: Add EyeSpy360 as tour provider
  • Performance: Refactor Property Drive image import
  • Performance: Improve video/tour mobile responsiveness in Flickity carousel
  • Performance: Add option to toggle the custom og:image fetching on or off
  • Performance: Update Flickity to 2.2.2
  • Performance: Refactor property alerts to use VanillaJS
  • Fix: Add importer ID to property alerts table and convert to utf8mb4
  • Documentation: Add in-plugin documentation for reusable blocks and shortcodes


Maybe it’s time your estate agent website had a faster frontend!

Using technologies such as WordPress, Lighthouse, Persistent Object Caching and bleeding-edge server software, it’s now easier than ever!

WordPress Property Drive
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Import properties from Property Drive, search, display, filter, sort, and map using our flagship WordPress property plugin.

Import properties seamlessly from Daft, MyHomeAcquaint CRM, Rightmove, Reapit CRM, and more using our custom feed integrations!

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