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Design Bricks Changelog (July)

This is a monthly changelog for our 4Sites bundle for estate agents (Supernova theme and WP Property Drive plugin).

Last week, we released version 5.3 of our Supernova theme. Among the new features, we have an updated side drawer and a new side panel module, doubling up as a modal pop-up. Both modules are powered by reusable blocks.


  • Add a notice about the forced white navigation only being applied to landing pages
  • Add an option to remove padding from the floated navigation menu (new padded navigation option on by default)
  • Add an option to set a blog post template (“Has Sidebar”) and a post sidebar reusable block (Design BricksDesignPost Sidebar Reusable Block)
  • Integrate with GitHub Updater, which works with the upcoming WordPress 5.5 auto-update feature
  • Performance: Remove WordPress 5.5 Core Block Patterns
  • Change side drawer to use a reusable block
  • Update side drawer to include a “Close” button
  • Update side drawer to be responsive and fill the screen on mobile devices
  • Allow native YouTube video embedding
  • Implement a module loader
  • Implement a side panel module
  • Remove the mobile widget and replace with a reusable block (widgets are slowly made redundant in the upcoming version of WordPress, in favour of the block editor and reusable blocks

In addition to this, we have started optimising all code for better Core Web Vitals performance.


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