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Design Bricks Changelog (October)

This is a monthly changelog for our 4Sites bundle for estate agents (Supernova theme and WP Property Drive plugin). The changes below include August, September, and October updates.

This week, we gradually released version 5.5 of our Supernova theme and version 3.1.5 of our WP Property Drive plugin. Among the new features, we have lots of small fixes, lots of performance improvements, better social sharing features and better image caching.

Supernova 5.5

  • Feature: Added in parameter for testimonial IDs, allowing admins to select specific testimonials to be displayed on a post or page
  • Feature: Added publishing date Open Graph for LinkedIn
  • Improvement: Various UI improvements
  • Performance: Removed Isotope Gallery beta module, back-end Font Awesome and all Facebook calls (not in the scope for Supernova, there are specialized plugins or, our favourite, Google Tag Manager)
  • Performance: Removed unused Drift option (not in the scope for Supernova, there are specialized plugins or, our favourite, Google Tag Manager)
  • Performance: Refactored Google fonts API for speed
  • Performance: Cleaned up theme header
  • Fix: Removed jQuery dependency from CodeMirror initialization
  • Fix: Only display the bottom right Privacy Policy element if a page has been selected
  • Fix: Fixed issue with external CSS array and remove jQuery tweaks
  • Integration: Add WooCommerce form styles
  • Integration: Add Jetpack contact form styles

WP Property Drive 3.1.5

  • Feature: Added living type, selling type and newdev parameters to real-time search
  • Feature: Added Contact Form 7 hook to save emails
  • Feature: Added property size range for new developments
  • Feature: Added new privacy policy modal
  • Feature: Added Google reCAPTCHA v3 options
  • Feature: Restricted keyword searching to titles only (optional)
  • Feature: Added keypress (ENTER) trigger for the search button
  • Feature: Applied filters to property description to discover YouTube videos
  • Feature: Added price range from Acquaint for new developments
  • Feature: CF8 improvements (UI and functionality)
  • Feature: Added after_user_panels filter for the user dashboard
  • Feature: Implemented “back to page” for the real-time search
  • Feature: Added new property brochure template (Media Brochure)
  • Feature: Added sharing buttons to the Media Brochure template
  • Feature: Added linked properties (custom) and multiselect selector
  • Feature: Made property feature search optional
  • Feature: Improved external URL behaviour for featured images and Open Graph tags
  • Performance: Removed old quick contact JavaScript listeners
  • Performance: Moved property alerts to core plugin
  • Performance: Moved CF8 to helpers.php
  • Performance: Refactored code to ES6
  • Performance: Refactored CF8 to use ES6
  • Performance: Removed several old options
  • Performance: Deleted unused data on feed import
  • Performance: Removed Font Awesome (the JavaScript resource)
  • Performance: Various slider improvements
  • Performance: Removed 2 unused fields on property import
  • Performance: Autoupdate and plugin init changes
  • Performance: Removed old code
  • Performance: Removed old, unused Facebook Pixel integration
  • Performance: Removed old code
  • Performance: Updated dependencies (noUISlider and LeafletJS) and removed local/custom updater
  • Performance: Removed old code
  • Fix: Improved mobile appearance for the GDPR popup
  • Fix: Made the GDPR pop-up lighter (hide detailed information)
  • Fix: Fix for generic ID affecting design
  • Fix: Fixed duplicate osm-map ID
  • Fix: Exposed cloud image array
  • Fix: Added missing Reply-To header to CF8
  • Fix: Fixed (attempt) property alerts
  • Fix: Added property living type to property editor
  • Fix: Fixed search form results ordering
  • Fix: Removed search in fields
  • Fix: Fixed undefined index in property status check
  • Fix: Fixed undefined index in property categories
  • Fix: Added Country Residence to residential property types
  • Fix: Added Public House and Lodging/Hospitality to commercial property types
  • Fix: Fixed property category being overwritten
  • Fix: Changed location parameter to array
  • Fix: Fixed undefined variable
  • Fix: Changed required PHP version to remove PHP warning
  • Fix: Check if WooCommerce exists before searching for deposits
  • Integration: Added ActiveCampaign integration
  • 4Bids: Implemented better 4Bids UX and refactor code
  • 4Bids: 4Bids improvements
  • 4Bids: Real-time polling improvements
  • 4Bids: Streamlined property guide price retrieval
  • 4Bids: Datetime fixes for PHP/server GMT issue
  • 4Bids: Bypass bidder verification if user title is verified
  • 4Bids: Added end date to grid and bidding box
  • 4Bids: Removed maximum user bid value
  • 4Leads: Fixed empty categories not showing up in 4Leads dropdown
  • 4Leads: Fixed 4Leads scheduled events and add featured properties
  • 4Leads: Added post scheduling


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