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Design Bricks Changelog

This is a weekly changelog for our Design Bricks bundle for estate agents (Supernova theme and WP Property Drive plugin).

This week we released version 5.6.2 of our Supernova theme and version 3.2.3 of our WP Property Drive plugin. Among the new features, we have removed the deprecated T5 navigation template, improving the initial JavaScript parsing time and improving the overall page loading speed. As we started migrating our property images CDN, we have removed one extra HTTP connection, again improving the page loading speed. We have also disabled Google’s FLoC feature.

WordPress might do it, eventually, by default, as it is regarded as a security concern.

A couple of weeks ago, Google announced it was beginning to test a new ad technology inside Google Chrome called the Federated Learning of Cohorts, or FLoC. It uses an algorithm to look at your browser history and place you in a group of people with similar browsing histories so that advertisers can target you. It’s more private than cookies, but it’s also complicated and has some potential privacy implications of its own if it’s not implemented right.

The Verge

The last change for our Supernova theme is better compatibility with the WP Super Cache plugin.

Property Size Settings
Property Size Settings

WP Property Drive 3.2.3

  • 4Bids: Refactor guide/reserve/minimum price
  • Fix: Standardise property size retrieval
  • Fix: Add option to control full property size display (square meters + square feet) vs condensed display (square meters only, default)
  • Fix: Fix issue with property import being skipped (continue instead of return)
  • Documentation: Add in-plugin documentation for APIs, hooks and filters

We also have a brand new developer documentation section, still in progress, containing plugin functions, template functions, APIs, hooks and filters, tutorials, shortcodes, a detailed changelog and more.

Photo by Nina Mercado on Unsplash.

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