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This article kick-starts our internal development and tech section, a technical blog about coding, web development, engineering & data science and how we solve challenges and problems related to our products. We also write about moving fast, breaking things, and fixing them as quickly as possible.

Back in 2018, when WordPress announced Gutenberg, lots of developers panicked and started looking for alternatives. Two WordPress forks launched at that moment, calmPress and ClassicPress, with the former being absorbed into the latter several months later.

Here, at 4Property we use the latest and greatest version of WordPress with full Gutenberg support, but we still think what if?

  1. What if we used ClassicPress instead of WordPress?
  2. What if our customers’ sites would be even faster than they are now?
  3. What if our customers’ sites would be the fastest while retaining all WordPress capabilities and flexibility?

As you may or may not know, WordPress is heavily optimised for blogging, which is not relevant to us. I’m not sure it’s relevant to lots of people. So there’s lots of features which are obsolete, unused or plain irrelevant.

We have launched our own fork, called DevPress (working title), which is 100% compatible with WordPress, but with all the bloat removed. It’s not in a production state, it’s highly experimental, but keep an eye on the progress, here on our DEV blog. We expect a 40% increase in speed, overall performance and snappiness. Some of these features have already been implemented in our flagship theme, Supernova.

Our Products


Supernova is our Property Drive flagship theme for WordPress, enhanced for security, performance, improved search engine experience and high conversion ratio.

Supernova is part of our Design Bricks webdev package.

WP Property Drive

Full-featured property management system for WordPress. Import properties from Property Drive, search, display, filter, sort and map. Import properties seamlessly from Daft and Acquaint CRM.

WP Property Drive is part of our Design Bricks webdev package.

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