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Effective 6th July – The Property Services Regulatory Authority.

The Property Services Regulatory Authority was established by the Government of Ireland to regulate Property Service Providers (PSPs), which puts all PSPs including Auctioneers, Estate Agents, Letting Agents, and Management Agents, under the control of the Authority.

Effective 6th July, 2012, the Authority will license all PSPs to auction personal property, purchase or sell land and buildings, let land and buildings, and provide services related to management.


The Authority will provide a framework for the resolution of disputes between consumers and PSPs, as well as promoting consumer awareness and quality service through continuous professional development.


In order to become licensed, PSPs must apply to the Authority. Once licensed, Acquaint Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will store the defined letters necessary for compliance with the regulator, which will then record the confirmation, proving that they were sent. This will make the transition under the new legislation much easier, removing the worry about whether or not your company has fully complied in sending out all of the necessary documents. Failure to comply could result in a fine or loss of license.


In brief, this CRM software allows estate agents to manage their Finances, Sales/Lettings, Clients and advertising all in one. Acquaint also allows you to automatically update the various other property portals such as,,, and many more all in one go, saving time and increasing efficiency. Acquaint dramatically increases agency’s productivity, reduces the chances of double entry and most importantly saves you money.

Now, Acquaint can even help you manage your compliance under the Property Services Regulatory Authority so that come 6th July, your company will have easy access to all of the official documents you need, making your company an even easier choice for your customers.


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