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Expert Social Media Marketing Tips Part 2

Social Media marketing tips
Guys, do you remember our last blog post giving you 7 tips for your social media strategy? Here comes part 2 which is full of helpful tips for all our attentive readers!

Tip 8: Know your customers!
Social Media marketing tips

When thinking about which content you want to include, make sure your clear on who you actually want to attract. Make use of the social data that is available to you to improve your content strategy.


Tip 9: Don`t focus solely on the written word!

Images, videos, printed word and audio are other great tools to go viral! People on the go might not have time to read an article, but could be willing to listen to the information you want to spread through different medias.

Tip 10: Adapt your content to your readers   Social Media marketing tips

Make sure the content you create matches perfectly with the people you are trying to reach out to. However, sometimes this can be a difficult task if you attract a diverse bunch of people, of different demographic characteristics.
“Slice and dice content to make it highly targeted… be consistent, authentic and relevant”
—Michael Bepko of Whole Foods, “Twitter Marketing: Success Tips From Brands”
So imagine you have a blog topic which may be interesting for your younger audience, but not so much for the middle aged. Or a tweet which will attract women`s interest, but is not so relevant for your male followers.
Take a look at this example and see how Whole Foods are planning their blog posts:
Social Media marketing tips


Tip 11: Stimulate your customers

Communication is not enough. Find out what makes your customers really stop and read/watch/listen. What drives your customers, what makes them happy/sad/excited/, what are their topics to talk about with their friends and family?

Tip 12: Do not underestimate the power of opt-in emails:

By appearing on a regular basis in your subscribers` inboxes, you attract a lot of attention, it’s just like presenting yourself in their living rooms!

So there you have it! Here at 4pm we would like to hear what your thoughts are? Have these tips been helpful? How important do you think social media is in your marketing strategy?

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