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Facebook currently has over 400 million users, making it larger than many of the world’s nations and it is growing every day. Facebook’s demographics are so diverse that it makes an ideal marketing vehicle. More than 60 percent of Irish users are 25 years and older, meaning that your marketing efforts will meet with even greater success as these are usually the people who make direct purchase decisions.

The key to successful social media marketing is to understand and build a relationship with your audience. Consumers aren’t interested in doing business with faceless companies that hide behind a logo, especially when they have so many other choices. From product creation to feedback on your service, Facebook can be the ultimate market research tool, and you can achieve all this without paying a penny.

Facebook is an excellent medium to drive sales by informing your audience about special offers, product launches, discounts and more. You can easily provide a link so people can access your website or you can even build a store inside Facebook. Facebook is also a highly cost-efficient advertising medium as you can run highly targeted campaigns that have a high ROI. It has been proven that social media audiences have a higher conversion rate than organic traffic. You can also use Facebook Events to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

You need to be honest and open with your market and above all you need to provide value first and ask later. In other words, don’t try to push sales messages down the throat of your Facebook followers because you may soon find yourself alone. You need to remember that Facebook is primarily a social platform. Engage your audience rather than merely trying to push offers at the mall the time. The more value you provide, the more your audience will trust you and the higher your profits will climb.