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4Leads Tutorials & How-To’s

4Leads Setup Checklist

4Leads is already installed and running on any WP Property Drive-powered website. In order to get persona details, page rules need to be set up by your account manager. Rules are straightforward to create, and they will populate the 4Leads section in the plugin. Rules can be applied to any site retroactively.

The 4Leads control panel is accessible via the Property Drive4Leads menu in WordPress dashboard.

4Leads Social

Connect to Social Networks

  1. Create a free account –
  2. Install the Jetpack plugin
  3. Activate the Publicize feature from JetpackSettingsSharingAutomatically share your posts to social networks
  4. Connect your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts (you will need your account, created in step #1, and login details for each social network)
  5. Add your first blog post and make sure you have a good, concise title and a high resolution featured image

Connect to Google My Business

  1. Install the WP Google My Business Auto Publish plugin and connect your Google My Business location
  2. Alternatively, install the Post to Google My Business plugin for posting to Google My Business from the Dashboard

Set Up Persona Blocks (subject to change)

This feature works by matching links/buttons with blocks. A persona-selector--X link/button will trigger the display of persona-block--X blocks. An example of a persona selector class would be persona-selector--persona(-market), where the content between brackets is optional. Personas can be one of vendor, buyer, landlord or tenant and markets can be one of residential, commercial or land.

  1. Create links or buttons in the WordPress’ block editor and add persona classes (e.g., .persona-selector AND .persona-selector--vendor or .persona-selector--vendor-residential). This makes sure that the link/button is recognized as a selector button, and it sets browser-specific personas and markets. Note that one user can only have one persona and one market at any given time.
  2. The classes above will set localStorage items as pv_persona (vendor, buyer, landlord or tenant) and pv_market (residential, commercial or land).
  3. Mark all blocks with a .persona-block--initial class. These blocks will be hidden if a persona is detected.
  4. Mark all persona-specific blocks with a .persona-block--vendor-residential class.

Persona/Market-Specific Links/Buttons Classes (subject to change)

  • .persona-selector--vendor-residential
  • .persona-selector--buyer-residential
  • .persona-selector--vendor-commercial
  • .persona-selector--buyer-commercial
  • .persona-selector--vendor-land
  • .persona-selector--buyer-land


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