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How to add a testimonial

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Adding a testimonial to your 4Sites website is easy. Head over to the Testimonials section in the left-hand side menu in your Dashboard.

Now, you can add a new testimonial or edit an existing one:

Note the right hand side fields allowing you to add a featured image and the author name or source.

Hit Publish (or Update) and you are all set!


Design Bricks uses shortcodes to display testimonials:

  • Use [supernova-testimonials] to display a grid section of your testimonials.
  • Use [supernova-testimonial-carousel] to display a carousel of testimonials.
    • Use [supernova-testimonial-carousel type="Vendor" autoplay="5000"] to display testimonials from a specific (custom) category and enable carousel autoplay every 5 seconds.
  • Use [supernova-testimonial-blocks] to display native <blockquote> blocks inside a Media & Text block (uses the featured image for media).
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