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How to correctly configure GDPR privacy and user consent

This is a two-step operation.

Step 1 — Your WordPress Website

First, install the WP Google Consent Platform plugin for WordPress. Go to WP GCP, in your WordPress Dashboard, and configure the plugin:


  • Make sure you have a Privacy policy page for your website. Make sure it is correctly assigned in WordPress’ Settings -> Privacy section.
  • Make sure you tick the “Show the GDPR/Privacy Policy modal popup” checkbox (as illustrated in the screenshot above).
  • Depending on your requirements, tick or untick the “Hide Deny/Reject button”. This will hide the “Deny/Reject” button, making the users unable to browse your website without accepting the privacy policy.
  • Make sure you add a valid Google Tag Manager ID (as illustrated in the screenshot above).
  • Make sure you add a valid Data Privacy Officer email address (as illustrated in the screenshot above). This email will be used for user enquiries, complaints, or data removal requests.

Step 2 — Google Tag Manager

Head over to your Google Tag Manager account, select the Admin tab, go to Container Settings and enable Consent Mode (tick the “Enable consent overview” checkbox).

Next, go to each Tag you need to set consent for, go to Advanced Settings -> Consent Settings and tick the “No additional consent required” checkbox.

Select this option to indicate that your tag does not need to check for additional consent in order to fire. Note that all Google tags have built in consent modes. Other networks and providers might have built-in consent modes, such as Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and so on.

If a provider requires a specific consent mode, then tick the “Require additional consent for tag to fire” checkbox, and add your consent modes.


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