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How to migrate your domain to us

Before going live with your website, we need to get technical access to your domain registration, so we can set up our server, Google verification, Google Suite verification, antispam procedures, email setup and more.

There are three methods for migrating your domain to us. Here they are, listed in our preferred order:

Your current domain registrar will be able to either provide an EPP code on-demand, inside your domain control panel, or within 24-48 hours via email. You can request the code from your registrar control panel or by sending an email to your account manager. Using this option, we will take care of everything, while you keep retain legal ownership of your domain.

2. Change Your Nameserver (NS) Records to Ours

On request, you can change your nameserver records to ours (we will provide them on request) and then we will take over your domain’s technical administration. Using this option, we will take care of everything, while you keep retain legal ownership of your domain.

If, for various reasons, you cannot use the methods above, point your A record to our IP address when you want to go live. Note that this option requires precise synchronisation between yourself (or your IT department) and our developers, so that we avoid any downtime. It is not recommended to proceed with this option in the afternoon or before (or during) the weekend, as we risk the website going down. Also, using this option, you have full reponsibility for managing your SSL certificate settings, email antispam, email delivery, email setup, Google verification, and more.


Note than we can assist with methods #1 and #2, provided we have access to your domain registrar’s control panel.

Also note that any DNS change might take up to 72 hours to propagate and become active.


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