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How to reassign offers to properties

Sometimes, properties will be republished due to a status change and their ID in WordPress will change. This will cause previous offers to become orphaned or detached from the property.

Here is a scenario:

  1. A property is enabled for 4Bids, and buyers are actively placing offers
  2. The auction ends and the property status changes to Sale Agreed
  3. The property gets detached from the source feed (Acquaint CRM, MyHome, Daft)
  4. The property comes back on the market from the source feed (Acquaint CRM, MyHome, Daft) with a different ID
  5. All previous offers are now orphans

There are 2 solutions here:

Reassign the Offers to the Correct Property

Go to Offers, find all offers for your property and open each of them. Note that offers get saved using the property name and the offer amount.

Also, orphaned properties are labelled as such in the Offers table.

Lock the Property

Another option is to lock the property, so that it never becomes detached, and the ID stays the same, regardless of the source feed (Acquaint CRM, MyHome, Daft).

Go to Properties, find your property and Edit it.

In the Property Details box, tick the Lock Property checkbox, and Update the property (top right).

That is all. Each of the options takes less than 5 minutes to implement.


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