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How to set/assign a reusable block footer in Supernova

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The footer reusable block is an actual post using the block editor functionality, which means it can accept any available blocks, static or dynamic.

For ease of use, reusable blocks can be exported and shared between sites.

  1. Go to the Supernova menu item on the left
  2. Select the Design tab
  3. Set/assign the footer reusable block in the Footer Reusable Block section/dropdown
  4. Create a new reusable block if none exists, name it Footer (or something appropriate for your website) and add your desired content (when everything is done, go to SupernovaDesign and select your newly created block from the dropdown)
  5. Save your changes

Note that the footer menu and copyright notice is embedded into a block (or a shortcode) available via Add New BlockWP Property DriveFooter Signature. This block will add a [footer-signature] shortcode displaying something along the lines of:

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Note: Always use this block in your footer.

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