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4Bids: Agent Setup

How do I enable the 4Bids module?

Log into your WordPress admin section and head over to the Property Drive -> 4Bids menu item. Follow the steps to change your settings or use the default ones.

General Settings

Make sure you read and understand each option:

This option should be enabled (ticked) so that all bidders get bid notifications and other bid-related notifications.

This is what private treaty bidders should provide in order to get verified by the agent. Select all that apply. Note that the required documents can also be configured on a per-user basis. Also note that auction bidders can pay a deposit in order to get verified.

Legal Packs
This is an optional feature and allows the agent to add one or more legal documents to each property.

Bidding Settings
These settings include the refresh interval (defaulting at 5 seconds) and the bid increment (or decrement) amount. 500 is a good value. This is the amount that goes up (or down) when clicking/tapping the plus/minus buttons.

Bidding Rollover/Extension
This optional feature allows the agent to extend the auction time by X minute(s) if the latest bid is within the last Y minute(s). Use 0 to disable.

Agent Email
This email should be set in order to receive bidding and bid-related notifications.

Open/Active Auctions/Biddings

You can see your open properties on the Dashboard section. Click on each property to see its active bids.

How to enable/disable 4Bids per-property

Enable 4Bids for your property (or properties) and configure options.

Go to your Properties list (menu item on the left) and select your property.

Check the right sidebar and scroll down to the 4Bids Settings metabox. Tick the Allow bids for this property box.

Set the selling method to Auction or Private Treaty. All other fields are optional.

Remember to scroll up and Update your property when you are done.

How to check and verify bidders

Respond to buyer requests to bid (via email).

Whenever a new bidder requests access to bid, you, as agent, can check their credentials, their documents and override or request more required documents.

When the agent is satisfied, they can switch the status to Verified.

Note that all fields and settings related to each user are mandatory (status, verification, requested documents, expiration, maximum bid amount and so on).

How to send email notifications to all bidders of a specific property

When finished, close the bidding process.

You also have the option to send full and final emails or any other desired notification emails.

How to download a log of bids

Download a log of bids for PSRA or legal purposes, containing the bid amount, the bid date, the bidder’s name and the bidder’s email address.

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