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Maintain and Secure Your Web Presence

Web Security

For the small and medium businesses that make up the bulk of our clients, we have found it can be very easy for them to neglect their websites and let them go out of date. But did you know the security risks associated with not keeping your website up-to-date?

The number of brute force attacks that we see each month targeting WordPress is incredibly high and is on the increase. Last month, WordPress security plug-in Wordfence blocked an average of 25 million brute force attacks per day.

Given these facts, maintenance of your site should be a top priority for website owners, but owners do not always have the luxury of time or the in-house skills to maintain their sites. Also, what if an update breaks the site? Do you have a roll-back plan to restore your site?

We solve these issues by providing a website maintenance package.

Our maintenance package includes:

  • A complete backup of your website files and database before update.
  • Testing of updates on a local test version of the site before updating the live site.
  • The updating of WordPress core to the latest version.
  • The updating of associated plugins to the latest version.
  • Testing new versions of plugin, and then replacing plugins incompatible with new version of WordPress.
  • Adding or updating of security plugin.
  • Scanning site and addressing any issues raised by scan.
  • Reviewing any attack data and latest security recommendations.
  • Removing old user accounts and updating usernames and passwords.
  • WordPress “hardening” and updating file permissions.
  • Updating SEO issues raised by various SEO plugins.
  • Checking bandwidth and size of site on hosting and increasing if necessary*.
  • Making text and graphic amends to existing pages on the site.

* The cost of the actual hosting is separate to the web maintenance fee.

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