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Recognisable House for Sale… a killer price!

Here is our final #FunnyFriday blog post of the day!

It has come to our attention that a stunning 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2,700-square-foot interior, with swimming pool and a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom guest house at the rear has become available in West Hollywood.

Set within beautiful surroundings the cost of this property comes in at a very respectable $2.1million, and would be seen as an investment for any potential buyer.

We’ve nothing really else to add about this property as the pictures provided tell you everything…. or do they?

Did you notice anything strange about this property? Did anything catch your eye? Maybe if there was a street sign with the words Elm Street on it, you would suddenly become aware of what house you were looking at!

That’s right, this house is none other than the house that was used for each of the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies! So I’m sure we’ll see the bids come rolling in yes? Yes?……? Surely one couldn’t be scared of a “story” could they?

Unfortunately the previous occupant, one Fred Krueger, was unavailable for comment on the selling of the house as his whereabouts are unknown. Locals from the area have expressed their concern for anyone looking to purchase or rent the house and have pleaded for people to stay away. They have been quoted as saying that there are many mysteries with regards to disappearances of High School Students who have lived in the house.

Its got to be all made up, right? right?

1,2 Freddy’s coming for you……

We hope you enjoy reading our blogs and we hope we didn’t scare you too much with this one! Remember to keep an eye out everyday for the latest news from 4pm!

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