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Technology trends which are crucial for Estate Agents


In times of crisis, in order to be successful and ahead of your competition, you need to be well aware of the latest innovations and take advantage of them.
It is important to fully integrate technology into your business organisation in a planned and well structured way to make the most of it. Remember, technology alone does not just attract new customers and business, but it can also make your life so much easier.
Let us summarise the most important trends for you:

 1. Tablet computers: 

iPads are definitely here to stay because they combine the benefits of multiple devices, such as smart phones and laptops, into a single one. You can use your tablet all the time. Just think of your house viewings, here your iPad can come in so handy as it can help you take notes of all the potential customers and their requirements.


2. Social media

Never before has it been so easy to stay in contact with your customers. Facebook, twitter and other social media sites have changed the way we communicate with each other, so make sure you know how to utilise them properly.

3. Cloud computing

The Cloud is one of the biggest revolutions in recent business. No wonder! Being able to store, process and manage data in an online network is a big leap towards increased productivity.

 4. CRM Systems 

Doing good business nowadays is based on building up strong relationships with your customers and leads. CRM systems can help you to keep track of potential clients and make it easier for you to get in direct contact with them. Things are getting faster and faster in today`s business world, so a CRM system can help keep you focused in this jungle of opportunities.


5. Automation:

With all the new trends around CRM and digital business, marketing people tend to automatise too many of their processes. Automatisation can simplify things, but never overdo it. Remember that it`s humans you are dealing with, so automated e-mails alone won`t bring you new business or keep your existing customers satisfied. Don`t forget the importance of building up long-standing relationships in order to keep things running smoothly.

The team at 4pm hope you have enjoyed today`s blog post and would be interested to hear more about your personal experiences.

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