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Tips to draw buyers

Nowadays buyers rely heavily on the pictures posted online to judge a property. A whopping 80% of buyers went online to search for property last year. Many also stated that the internet is where they first set their eyes on the property they purchased according to a National Association of Realtors survey.

Clients now feel that without seeing pictures of the property they are less likely to go view it. If there are unprofessional or unclear photos of the property online then people tend to steer away from it. Photos are very powerful marketing tools so it’s important to have good ones so you can lure  buyers instead of deterring them.

So keep these tips in mind when photographing your property:     

1)      Be sure to take your photos around midday when the lighting is most favourable

2)      The more the merrier: clients want to see more than the front of the house so remember to take as many photos as you can.

3)      Make sure the shots are clear: De-clutter the rooms to make sure there are no distractions away from the property itself

4)      Make sure to use a good quality camera: If not your photos will reflect this poor quality

5)      Don’t forget to edit: once the photos are taken it is important to go through each photo and edit it accordingly. For example crop out the ceiling or any other unnecessary background.

So there you have it, 4pm’s tips to draw buyers. Let us know your thoughts!

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