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Twitter for Auctioneers & Estate Agents

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First step is to create a Twitter account. Get a feel for Twitter, browse around, check what other auctioneers and estate agents write. Since Twitter does not automatically show the pictures, it is all about your wording. You have 140 characters for a Tweet, and people can also favourite your Tweets or re-tweet them. Here are some 4Property tips for auctioneers and estate agents using Twitter.

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4Property tips for auctioneers and estate agents using Twitter

1. Picture

When adding pictures, we suggest that you add a small description. If you see a link and don’t know what the picture is, why would you comment on it?

2. Information

Supply the information possible customers need to reach you. We also recommend having links to your webpage, Facebook, and email.

3. Customer Service

Be careful what you answer and how you answer it. Our best advice would be to supply a number to call if it is directly related to business. If it is a friendly question, make sure to give yourself a moment to think before you tweet back. Sometimes things get blown out of proportion on social media.

4. Custom Background

Get yourself a custom background for more free branding. This can be done by selecting ‘settings’ then ‘design’ and you can then upload headers, backgrounds and alter colours.

5. Blog

If you have a blog, install the Twitter plugin. This allows your blog to post to Twitter automatically. The Jetpack plugin allows you to upload to both Twitter and Facebook.

6. Headlines

Think of your tweets as newspaper headlines. You want to engage people with your text, must be interesting for people to notice. When putting it up, think to yourself, would I re-tweet it, if the answer is no, well, don’t expect it to get retweeted.

8. Price

Don’t comment on the price a property may have sold for, the vendor or applicant may think they might have got more or less money, they don’t want everyone knowing their business.

9. Properties

How do you put up a property on Twitter? You have very few words. Put up the main details, 4Property would suggest ‘looking for 3 bed detached houses in Rathmines, Dublin 8? Checkout out the link below’ as opposed to ‘3 bed in Rathmines’ which is boring. The first prompts them to question am I? Maybe I’m not, but I know who may be, so I will click the link.

Look out for trends e.g., #Dublin, if you are about to put a property up that is in ‘Dublin’ take advantage of the trend. Trends help your tag get categorised and noticed by more people.

The above are some basic guidelines to get your Twitter account up and running. You may also find that it is hard to get followers, make sure to include your Twitter link in your signature. Follow competitors, and they will follow you back, it also gives you a chance to see what way they are using Twitter.

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