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Web Design for Speed and Performance

You have finally decided to build your new website. Or rebuild the old one. This time, however, you’re looking for performance, and you’re aiming higher than before. You’re looking to move away from that custom theme you had built or that ThemeForest theme you purchased, and it’s now abandoned (like so many themes on Envato’s marketplace).

This time you’ll have a better website!

Web design is the same. It has been the same for decades. Any agency or contractor or freelancer you find has a different opinion and a different approach. We are all subjective, and we think we are better than the others. The truth is that everything is relative. There are multiple opinions and multiple approaches. The end result is what matters. You want a fast, nice-looking website to attract visitors. This is the end result.

The Technology

However, you also want the website to require as little maintenance as possible and, in the event of a migration, to be as portable as possible. This is where things get complicated. You don’t want to be locked into a specific platform or CMS or technology. You want to use something you are familiar with, such as WordPress or Drupal or some flat-file content management system, or even a small bespoke solution. As a side note, I coded Hound, a flat-file CMS I used for 15 clients. Updated automatically via GitHub, using PHP templates, ES6 JavaScript, markdown and… that’s it. It was pretty light.

The Support

What I want to say is, at some point, I stopped developing it. So users got locked into this CMS. Not an ideal situation. I ended up migrating everyone to WordPress (and ClassicPress) so they can continue to manage their own websites. Hound was okay, but code is easily deprecated these days, and security holes are discovered (and abused) every day. Every minute even.

The Plan

Here’s our plan for 4Property: fresh, minimal web design, the latest technologies only, modern browsers only, somewhat “graceful degradation” for old browsers.

Clean code, experimental browser features and disruptive design. Why disruptive? Because if we manage to disrupt the web design trends, you get to disrupt your niche.

Stand out from the crowd

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